ALL users who VOTED for witnesses - Check which votes you miss and save the Steem!

in #steem4 years ago (edited)

Excuse me, I find this article outrageous. I'm a responsible voter. I have elected 30 witnesses and five of them are not under YOUR TOP 20, I know that and I have my reasons for NOT voting for them. To be honest, some witnesses will probably still be thrown off my list, because they behave communicatively like kindergarten kids who brought a few curse words from the gutter instead of talking, thinking and acting reasonably with each other.

100% agree with you. Your vote, your choice, and do not let others bully you into changing your vote. The ones you vote for that are not there may end up there while others may fall off the top of the ladder.

If you dont vote them in the future they might be nothing to vote anymore.

I'm glad that my list is useful <3

I have already given my 30 witness votes.

But you can temporarily change your votes, so we have a bigger chance to save Steem! :)

And others can change their votes to align with his choices and reorder the list. He has chosen, it is not our place to question a persons choices, you can just as easily temporarily change your votes and align with his choices and create not only a bigger chance to save Steem, but perhaps a better chance to improve Steem moving forward.

I did when that shit happend.😅

But you still have some missing votes! Remember that every vote counts! :)

Ohhhh... I got it😅

Whom I missed?

It's on the list :)

ausbitbank, aggroed, cervantes, drakos, therealwolf, followbtcnews, lukestokes.mhth, abit, ocd-witness

Thx for the heads up...missing votes filled

Indeed veryhelpful.

here, a small mistake, I gave everything, 30 votes, but I corrected a little. Sorry, guys, if I, from someone, took my voice, as they say, we work in a team, lol.


Good job on making this massive list, I still have 7 votes left, who else do you suggest for voting?

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