Exploring Blockchain-enabled Creative Social Networks - Participate in the First Research Project on STEEM!

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Blockchain social networks, such as STEEM, have the potential to disrupt social media by enabling trustful, secure, and decentralized creation, curation, and consumption of content while ensuring fair reputation and compensation schemes. However, the technology is still in its infancy, and we are only at the beginning of understanding its potential impact. This article calls for your participation in a non-profit research project on STEEM driven by the European Blockchain Center in Copenhagen. We want to interview STEEM users and developers in order to explore emerging behavioral patterns, forms of organizing, and business models enabled by blockchain-enabled creative social networks, such as STEEM.

Why to Participate? - Benefits of Participating in the Research Project on STEEM.

There are many positive effects of participating in this study, including among other things:
• The project could increase awareness of blockchain social networks, such as the STEEM platform. This could lead to increased value of those platforms and increased value of user accounts (including yours).
• Interview participants will get access to the research results first.
• The interview is an opportunity for reflection and informed discussion.
• The project will spark discussion and experience sharing.
• Participating in a research project that aims at expanding human knowledge can be seen as a reward in itself.

How to Participate? - Talk to Us!

• You can participate by signing up for a qualitative interview. This enables us to obtain an in-depth understanding of your experiences on STEEM and draw a rich picture.
• Qualitative interviews typically last approximately one hour and are conducted once per person via phone or voice messenger (e.g. Skype, Discord, etc.).
• We will ask for your permission to record and transcribe the interview. This facilitates in-depth analysis via qualitative data analysis software.
• We will also ask for your permission to publish parts or the whole of the interview transcript. This is in the spirit of open access for research data, enabling researchers around the world to share data. Interview data enables researchers to support emerging claims, concepts, and theories empirically via quotations.
• It is possible to participate without giving permission to record, transcribe, and publish the interview, but preference will be given to interviews that can be recorded, transcribed, and published.
• Interviews will generally be anonymous, meaning that all information that could reveal your identity will be blinded after the interview. It will therefore not be possible to link your interview transcript to your person.
• You can sign up for the qualitative interview via comment to this post or via mail to steem.study@gmail.com. Please indicate if you would allow us to record, transcribe, and publish the interview. Please also include contact information for the interview (phone number, skype ID, or equivalent). We aim at starting with approximately 30 interviews and will start in late January 2018, but we will likely further expand the study throughout the next 2-3 years.

Who Should Participate in the Research Project on STEEM?

We want to interview different categories of STEEM users in order to cover a broad range of perspectives. These include, but are not limited to, the categories listed below. This list is by no means exhaustive and we are open for suggestions. If you know a valuable interview partner not mentioned above, please tag her/him in the comments. We would highly appreciate if you share this article for larger coverage.

CategoryDescriptionExample Users
Content CreatorsPeople who create original content and publish it on the STEEM blockchain. Includes artists, photographers, musicians, writers, bloggers, vloggers, etc.@davidpakman @crimsonclad @meanmommy33 @velimir @exyle @sweetsssj @teachblogger @purepinay @steevc @kaylinart @g10a @ewuoso @lucybanks @adreini @vera.carla @hardikv @storycharlemagne @coruscate @allasyummyfood @flamingirl @soykatonline @lenatramper @dontstopmenow
Content CuratorsPeople who browse, collect, compile, and share original content published on the STEEM blockchain. Includes contest organizers, curation services, etc.@luzcypher @pfunk @soundlegion @passion-ground @choogirl @adsactly @curie @juliank @progressivechef @kalemandra @kus-knee @futurefood @jamtaylor @SteemSTEM @krystle @jessamynorchard @openmic @verbal-d @czechglobalhosts
Platform InnovatorsPeople who build innovative services on top of the STEEM blockchain. Includes contributors to STEEM-based services like steemit.com, blocktrades.com, utopian.io, busy.org, d.tube, minnowbooster.com, streemian.com, etc.@utopian-io @elear @busy.org @blocktrades @dtube @minnowbooster @streemian @steemitworldmap @upme @randowhale @jesta @dragosroua @roadscape
STEEM Witnesses and Core DevelopersPeople who power the STEEM blockchain and actively develop it further.@ned @papa-pepper @aggroed @surpassinggoogle @good-karma @busy.witness @ausbitbank
Note: Some users fall into multiple categories, which makes these users even more interesting for this study.

In order to interview only people who are active users at the moment and reasonably experienced with using STEEM, we will only select interview partners who meet the following criteria:
• Steemit Account is older than 3 months
• Steemit Account has a Level of Reputation higher than 50
• Steemit Account holds minimum 250 STEEM Power
• Steemit Account has made minimum 300 posts and minimum 30 posts in the last three months

What are the Goals of the Research Project?

The research project will mobilise a positive vision for the role that blockchain-based social media plays in the creation, curation, and consumption of knowledge and content in creative industries, such as arts, photography, film, writing, and music. Specifically, the goal of this research project is to:
• Understand the disruptive potential of blockchain for social media
• Mobilize a positive vision for blockchain-based social media
• Identify new business models and new forms of organizations for social media enabled by blockchain
• Identify opportunities for blockchain social networks to enable social and democratized global business
• Create increased trust and improved governance and value for social media
• Create new federated social media platforms and innovative media data driven services
• Understand user’s motivations and experiences with using blockchain in social media
• Capture the state of the art and improvement potential of blockchain social networks
The results of this research will be published in open reports for the general public and academic publications. We hope that this will inspire further research and development on blockchain social networks.

About Us - The European Blockchain Center at the IT University of Copenhagen

This research project is headed by me, Raffaele (active as @raci on STEEM). I serve as an Assistant Professor of Information Systems at the European Blockchain Center at the IT University of Copenhagen. The European Blockchain Center is a fast-growing community of passionate Blockchain researchers with a proven track record of academic and industrial excellence. Our mission is to be the globally leading institution that understands, creates, and realizes Blockchain-based solutions in a cross-industry and cross-disciplinary private public partnership to generate value for society.

European Blockchain Center
IT University of Copenhagen
Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 Copenhagen
European Blockchain Center

Main contact for the research project on STEEM
Dr. Raffaele Fabio Ciriello
Assistant Professor of Information Systems
IT University of Copenhagen
ITU Website

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Sounds interesting, I'm available via the Pal Discord when you want a chat .

It's after midnight in Aus now tho - how about tomorrow ?


Super cool to have you on board @ausbitbank, thank you so much! Have a good night, I will connect to you via discord very soon :) Greetings to Australia!

Got your message on discord and I offer participation. would love to be involved in the research


Awesome! I texted you back on discord and will send you an invitation with further info very soon :)

amazing !! count me in !! whatever you need! sounds like a great project!


Oh that's awesome, thank you @soykatonline I will get back to you with more info very soon

Sounds interesting. Thanks for mentioning my work and count me in!


This is awesome! Thanks for your interest @dragosroua :) I will contact you via steemit.chat soon, or let me know if you prefer another means of communication


steemit.chat is ok :)


I'd like to participate in an interview that can be recorded, transcribed and published. You can reach me on Discord @ imp.unity#3467

I would fall in the category of content creator. I've been blogging on here since September, and have become enamored with Steem and this platform. My mind has also begun teeming with ideas about future applications, ways to enrich the user experience, and the such. I feel like I would be able to provide some valuable insight and information in a truthful manner, and would be glad to share it with others.

I may not be exactly what you are looking for, I'm sure you have particular areas of interest and you may be looking for particular kinds of profiles to interview, but on the off-chance that I would fit in and you would like to conduct such an interview, feel free to get in touch!

Best of luck with the study and look forward to what will come from it!



Hey @imp.unity thanks for your interest in this study, and great to have you on board. I connected to you on discord. Talk to you soon :)

Cool, I am in. Look me up on the discords. :)


This is great, thanks for your interest :) I connected to you via discord, talk to you soon.


techslut#5833 just to make sure you got the right one. :)

Sure. Count me in. You can reach me through discord: minnowpond.org will open it up.


Awesome! Thank you so much for joining @aggroed - I will get back to you via discord soon.

This looks interesting. I noticed my name on the list and as a passionate user of this blockchain I am open to discussion. Feel free to contact me via steemit.chat


Thank you so much @kus-knee it's awesome to have you on board :) I will get back to you on steemit.chat

@raci this is seriously amazing, why didn't you bring my attention to this earlier and I freaking missed it aaaaaaa!!!!
I'M IN, IN ANY POSSIBLE WAY LOVE IT !!!! -stop shouting now, ok :P -
Keep in touch !!!


Thanks so much @meanmommy33. Well, you were tagged in the post from the start 😊 but no worries, there's still time to participate. Looking forward to interviewing you


Yeah, I saw that, but you know, notifications never really work with tags so I missed it :/
Can't wait !! :D


dito :)

Sounds excellent! Thanks for the mention. We will be in contact soon.


Amazing! I look forward to talk to you soon. Will send you an invitation with further info in short. Thanks a lot!


Very curious about your study. Just a question, from my point of view there is also another category of users on Steem that can maybe be called "investors". You know the kind of very powerful account not always following the etiquette and ready to make wars in case they feel uncomfortable. Don't you think it might be interesting to get their advices as well ? Or did you exclude these profiles on purpose ?
Goodluk with your studies, i'll follow you to be updated.


Hey @dbddv01. Thanks for your thoughts. That's actually a pretty good idea! I would be very open to also interview steem investors for this study and if anyone would be interested, feel free to sign up for an interview. I just imagine it could be hard to find those users since they are often not actively posting on steem, aren't they? Did you think about a particular person or group of people?


Sure, will have a look, Thank you

This sounds very interesting and I would be interested in participating. Contact me on Discord


Thank you @luzcypher I am thrilled to be able to interview you 😊 I will contact you on discord soon. Have a great day!

The hyperlink to your website is incorrect, it should be http://ebccenter.eu/ instead of www.ebcc.eu


Thanks for the hint @robin1991. Both http://ebccenter.eu and http://ebcc.eu should work (in most browsers, with or without the "http://" or "www"). Our website just tends to be a bit slow these days, I need to talk to our admins :)

how do you think or your prediction about steem price in 2018 whether it will be increasing or going down.
I just want to survey some people's opinion


Thanks for your comment. I cannot predict prices and I do not want to participate in speculations. But I do think that there is great promise in the idea of blockchain social networks.

Hi. Interested. I think like to think about steem behaviour, what’s going to happen as it proliferates, how will it change, what happens when well known people get on the platform? Will it last, Will unknowns be able to rise as easily? My head is full of questions.


Those are among the questions we want to answer. What are the broader implications for individuals, organizations, and society when blockchain social networks arise? How can we use them in a creative, but responsible way?

Blockchain technology, with many in many sectors, what is this technique? If we want to describe this advanced technique in the simplest terms, Block Qin is a database or a new way of organizing data, but the way it is treated is different, as is its decentralized distribution (see decentralized network patterns in the middle of the 1967 picture when Paul Paran Distributed systems, central systems and decentralized systems). Many confuse the role of the virtual currency and Block Qin's technology, which rewards shareholders by verifying the network by giving them after verification tasks a virtual currency that might be a quin house or any other virtual currency. Block Qin's technology, known as the virtual currency transaction log, helps keep lists resistant to tampering with ever-growing data records and allows secure exchange of valuable materials such as funds, stocks or data access rights. Unlike conventional trading systems, there is no need for a broker or central registration system to follow the movement of exchange, but all parties are dealing directly with each other. Block Qin operates as an electronic transaction log and record system that allows all parties to track information through a secure network that does not require third-party verification. Banks and financial institutions have adopted Block Qin's approved currency in the virtual currency of PeteCwin, the single-track record at a faster pace than expected, with around 15 percent of the world's largest banks turning to Block Qin's commercial products next year, according to a Reuters report. IBM. It is expected that 65 percent of the banks will have Block Chin projects within three years, with the trend being driven by large banks with more than 100,000 employees, IBM said. The company has relied on a survey of data covering 200 banks. The company has identified in the results the most needed aspects of Block Qin's innovations: settlement, total payments, stocks, debt issuance and reference data. If you want to import goods from a foreign country, the bank will assist you in ensuring that they are delivered through the so-called letter of credit. The goods are deposited with the bank and not paid to the company that will issue the goods to you until you receive the goods. This process is by being a unified database documenting the parties' safety procedures among themselves.


Thanks for your thoughts.

The subject of discussion is really professional. Thank you for the valuable information
I wish you a happy day


Thank you for your kind feedback, and I wish you a happy day, too.

Informative and intresting.


Thank you, glad to hear that :)

Thank you very much for sharing Your post.
@ raci


Thanks for your kind comment @tanyasmith

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thanks :)

Thank you so much for sharing Your post @raci


you are very welcome :)


My pleasure

informative post....
thankxxx for sharing,,


Thanks for your kind comment :)

This is an interesting study. I'm really new to steemit and blockchain. I'd be interested in the results of this study.


Thanks for your interest and the kind comment @isharmaine. Glad to hear you would like to see the results of the study. I Will make sure to notify you of updates. Stay tuned 😊


Thanks raci! I look forward to it!

best article to achieve knowledge thanks raci.


Thank you :)

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Thank you so much for sharing Your post


You are very welcome 😊


My pleasure :)


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As a fan of citizen science myself (and by expansion #BOINC and #Gridcoin) I like to see these kinds of endeavours. Good luck with it.


Thanks for your kind comment @scalextrix. Stay tuned for more updates :)

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Ways to measure and assess content value? Yeah, I’m curious