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RE: "Decentralized" YouTube Alternatives on Steem? Nope, Not Yet | A Detailed Look at 3Speak and Dtube

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HOW DARE YOU! Do you know what these services are doing for the community? Do you have any idea how much this is needed on steem? Who elected you queen of the blockchain? Did you really think that you could just waltz in here and tell people how to run their business and I wouldn't say anything? This is the most outrageous thing I've seen all week, and I cannot hold my tongue. Get off your high horse, @justineh, and come back down to reality where people are actually building things while you try to tear them down.

I'm just kidding if you didn't get the hyperbole.


Funny, people won’t get the joke. 🙂 Including @3speak, who upvoted it. The irony is too much. Many are discussing how to improve the situation, the 3speak team is silent.. but upvoting comments they don’t even understand..


Way to show me boys 😉 open conversation is cool too.

I didn't realise they said they stored the content on the Blockchain. I did'nt even think that would even be possible with the current technology.
Video files are big and Youtube has always run at a loss due to the server costs. Goggle is happy with getting all this data for free hoping that one day they can turn a profit on it but I think that day is far away.
I system like Napster or torrents with a desentralised front end with creators and fans storing the files could be the only alternative to Youtube . Thanks for restarting this very important conversation.

Seniors won't that's like... tiny!

We are chatting about solutions in PAL discord if you are around @techcoderx

You are too emotional, Bro. It is called constructive criticism, and it might help
Steem and everything around it more, than exaggerated loyalty.
Didn't we learn to question everything ;)

He’s just kidding. We were on a chat discussing possible longterm solutions and they were roasting me for some of the shit I’ll get. All in good fun.

(Check the fine print there 😉)

Nowadays it's hard to tell if it's still humor.... ;)
Good to know, that i missed the fine print ;)
But like i said in my other comment, you made some good
constructive criticism...
Not to mention the view counts on 3speak, is that thing working
or are they/the traffic really that low..?

Yes to be perfectly honest, I’m pretty sure his trolling was too good.. as even 3speak themselves seemed to want to agree with him 🤪 But hey, that’s to be expected.

I did ask about their view counts recently and they were pretty confident that they were accurate, yes.

And thank you for your kind words btw, appreciate you seeing the meaning of the post and all 🙏

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