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RE: SCAM SCAM!- BE CAREFUL..... Help me plz......

in #steem3 years ago

Voted and resteemed.
Did I understand it correctly... You lost about 80 USD because you wanted to help?
WTF are these people doing?
They better don't ask me for help!
Thanks for sharing your experience.


Yes @pundito i don't understand why she sent 4 BTC into my is still in wallet and i am unable to withdraw it and they are telling to do a contract of suncing and adding extension.i don't know about extensions and others.....
Yes i lost about $80 and time😢 i don't know what this world is with full of cowards.i already given about $10 to help a poor girl where she met accident as to support finanacially for operation without telling to my parents.
Thank you for resteem

I'll take a closer look at this tomorrow. This is also somehow interesting to study.
Crazy people around.

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