SCAM SCAM!- BE CAREFUL..... Help me plz......

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Hello everyone, i would like to share my bad experience with u all and i inform and warn you don't do mistake that i have done.....
There is a big scam going on.....

2 days back i received a message from an unknown person who is female and she talks like this i will share the pic...


See what she asked for help and my weakness is helping out people and i am a brainless fellow believed her and tried to help her she transfer more than 4 BTC to my account that i created in expohills site.


I was shocked that i see 4 BTC in my account which is huge amount in my wallet in expohills site.i asked her why did u believed me and she said i don't have any option and i need money.she offered me 0.05BTC too....


And i tried to do video call but see her response

I deposited 0.02 BTC on exophills website and i asked in support channel and they are telling about extensions......i just got fooled by themselves.
Here is how i got while withdrawing BTC

See what they said to me

They all are scammers......
My bad i lost about 0.02 BTC.
Expohills website looks like this

So guys BE CAREFUL and don't believe an unknown person like what i done.

And help me if possible with your upvote or steem i will give u slowly back to u me with your resteem if possible so that many peoplw can know about this scam

See my transaction that i made to depost in exophills.i am very brainless boy

Very bad days i experinced
I am tagging my friends and motivators to help me if possible @eturnerx @pundito @novacadian @digital.mine @aggoed @acidyo @steemcleaners @timcliff @oracle-d @stackin @esteem @partiko @nathanmars hope u will spread these awarness to steemians to be safe from those evil scammers.

Thank you for reading,
Yours @summmisimeon


A costly lesson, but an important one. Never help anybody with money transfers - you could be running into an illegal, dangerous or scammy situation.

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Yes thank it's a very costly lesson i had

She is probably a HE using someone elses picture.

Did you not wonder how that person got your address?

Do not help out people who do not speak the same language as you and you can check out first plus simply ask for more prove. ID to start with, student card, visa, address in France, etc etc

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Really it hurts me and so much when i recall it that how i believed and why i did like that? I was in shock that is that me or mind in someone's control? I am not using my brain.this is my worst experience and i won't forget it and i won't do it again.

Try to figure out what was the reason you did believe this story... was it the picture? Because this is your weak spot! And before you know it you fall for it again!

I easily believe the sad stories too but not any longer. Two scammers from Nigeria told he how they do it. Now I am alert.

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First whenever asks help i ready to do help because i don't say no easily and second thing is girls.i will be attracted to girls as i am a boy.but from onwards i will be careful about this

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You earn btc without investment.?

That is the only scam that i got fucked up

Voted and resteemed.
Did I understand it correctly... You lost about 80 USD because you wanted to help?
WTF are these people doing?
They better don't ask me for help!
Thanks for sharing your experience.

Yes @pundito i don't understand why she sent 4 BTC into my is still in wallet and i am unable to withdraw it and they are telling to do a contract of suncing and adding extension.i don't know about extensions and others.....
Yes i lost about $80 and time😢 i don't know what this world is with full of cowards.i already given about $10 to help a poor girl where she met accident as to support finanacially for operation without telling to my parents.
Thank you for resteem

I'll take a closer look at this tomorrow. This is also somehow interesting to study.
Crazy people around.

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