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Improving SEO on Steem and

in steem •  3 months ago

Are you guys reading my website? Cause I just wrote about this. 😉

Can I add a request? I noticed that posts above $10 or so get "follow" links, while those below are "no follow".

Having a threshold makes sense, but my recent post went from nearly $11 down to $9, and lost the "follow" link it had for a few days.

Maybe make it permanent? I lost a good backlink because of price dropping... I'm not the only one.

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Same here. I really hate that nofollow tag. It's not easy to earn more than $10 payout for posts now. Can @steemitblog look at adjusting that? Lower the payout to say $5?


It would be nice if there were a couple thresholds that would be ok, for instance an equivalent of X amount of Steem ($10 is currently about 14.5 Steem!) That would be price agnostic, as well as a smaller threshold for posts with high engagement or high number of likes.

There is more than one way to determine if a post is quality or not!

I was surprised that this was not mentioned in clear terms. After getting to know this I am bumping up all my posts with promotions. But I feel it is still inclined towards whales and biggies. We need to have a way where Good content from newbies also gets follow link and better visibility.


This is where you just go ninja and post a response to your own posts with a link. 😉