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RE: Price of Steem is tanking... but that's good news

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I was missing the upvote value too for a while so I chilled with all the voting for a day and I'm back up to high voting power. Resteemed this to spread the word, and now that the requirement is lower I felt safe upvoting!



P.S. Just noticed a post on your blog about your @dtube "unknown error" fails... I almost quit @dtube because of this not too long ago... but found that the following formula works for me:

  1. Use Firefox (I only ever use Chrome and have several plugins & extensions) have been know to cause interference). Since I've never done ANYTHING with Firefox... it's a simple clean install :-)
  2. Clear cache/history completely
  3. Upload away

I have about a 90% success rate (i.e. Avoids the dreaded 'Unknown Error') doing it this way.

Of course this is not a guarantee that it will work for you too... but it's worth a bash.

dTube is the only place I encounter problems (will have to see how to sort one day) will not connect via SteemConnect that most other places connect with no problem at all. Use Firefox browser, have loaded a couple of video's up when introduced and it worked fine, later problems arose with signing in.

Don't like the way when you sign in that they never take you back to the video page you were on either.

Hey @joanstewart

I agree DTube was great (as a BETA)... but they don't seem to be making enough progress. They're losing ground to the progresses made by DLive. In fact their current ipfs queuing issues causing every video upload to take 1hour+ to upload might just be the tipping point.

In my opinion... The only reason to still use DTube over DLive

  1. Most NB: Most of my audience is South African, and for some reason DLive videos are nearly unwatchable with their caching/buffering issues from here in SA.
  2. DTube has their curation "bot"/programme that actually does visit the smaller guys every now and then... which more than makes up for their 25% beneficiary take.

Otherwise DLive is looking sexier and sexier by the day. If their buffering issues become a thing of the past, I doubt DTube's curation on every 3rd or 4th video will be able to sway me to stay.

Thanks for the help, I got DTube to upload! Here is what worked for me: I normally use FF, but on this try I actually used Chrome. I think using a different browser than you normally use/are signed in on is a key to it working...really no idea why that would be aside from cookies/cache maybe?

yeah... it's probably because our main browser has extensions that's causing the clash... however nobody has figured WHICH extensions are the problem yet.
I've heard many guys on the discord say they have problems.

Way Cool! I've actually been thinking of making the minimum upvote dynamic, based on the STEEM price... but that's gonna take a bit more coding.

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