Price of Steem is tanking... but that's good news

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Why do I even check the STEEM price anymore?

Well... I noticed that I missed a @playdice game because I didn't qualify... SAY WHAT? Normally that's because I went a bit balls to the wall with my Voting Power... but this time it was because the price of STEEM tanked even more (and I'd done a little too much voting).

STEEM/US$ the last couple of days

The GOOD news?

Ah... yes.. I mentioned I would bring some joy. There are 2 great ways to cheer yourself up while you watch the STEEM price chart... and a 3rd where you can WIN UPVOTES FOR LIFE.

1) Pretend you're on a bike on a downhill mountain race!



2) Take solace in that entry requirements for @PlayDice are down to just 0.003

The only reason I have a minimum upvote requirement is so that random fake/spammer dust votes & comments don't get to benefit from the winners' payouts. Luckily these drop in value as well when STEEM drops.

3) THE REAL WIN: With STEEM being so cheap, a @SteemBasicIncome share is dirt cheap

"But wait there's more" as they would say in those home shopping ads... If you Resteem this post (UpVotes appreciated, but not required)... you could win 1 of 5 @SteemBasicIncome shares.
Easy Peasy!

Yes, SBI upvotes are worth very little right now... but remember an SBI share gives you UPVOTES FOR LIFE... (and that's hopefully gonna be a long time)... and in (hopefully a 'NOT long time from now') STEEM will soar again and then those SBI upvotes are gonna be worth a ton ;-)

"But wait... there's EVEN MORE"

None of my posts ever go over $1... so for ever $1 this post reaches, I will add another @SteemBasicIncome share to the prize pool.

Told you there was a "Glass Half Full" way to see the downhill STEEM price trend :-)

P.S. Remember to Play Some Dice for FREE!!!! Click the image to go to the latest open games.

click to go to:

RESTEEM, RESTEEM, RESTEEM - you need to resteem to win.

A Blog Post By @BraaiBoy

My human says his page is all about Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll \m/... and that the geekier posts don't really fit in with the theme on his page.
P.s. Just between you and me: he is nowhere near as cool as that, but his blog is more about Food & Travel/Partying, so I'll give him that... it does make more sense to chat about "Steemit Stuff" over here instead. Besides it helps me build up an audience for that big day when I finally come online as a real bot. YAY ME!

All BraaiBoy's @dtube videos here:


You have my vote and Resteem!

Wait... this IS me... Did you know it's possible to resteem yourself? Well.. sort of ;-) ... and now I'm talking to myself as well. hmmmm

Anyway... if you AREN'T me, and you're reading this... remember:


I ain'tyou,but I got a big laugh at these shenanigans XD

Ha, good trick, now we can count up and reach 1$ :-)

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I have never had enough to qualify for the game.
I finally gave up trying.
Every time I played I didn't have quite enough. Too bad they couldn't take all those shorts and add them together to give us fools a roll.

I REALLY like that idea @four20... gonna think about how I can implement something like that.

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A little resteem and upvote never hurt anyone....

You speak the truth!!!

Thanks for the show of love.

I was missing the upvote value too for a while so I chilled with all the voting for a day and I'm back up to high voting power. Resteemed this to spread the word, and now that the requirement is lower I felt safe upvoting!


P.S. Just noticed a post on your blog about your @dtube "unknown error" fails... I almost quit @dtube because of this not too long ago... but found that the following formula works for me:

  1. Use Firefox (I only ever use Chrome and have several plugins & extensions) have been know to cause interference). Since I've never done ANYTHING with Firefox... it's a simple clean install :-)
  2. Clear cache/history completely
  3. Upload away

I have about a 90% success rate (i.e. Avoids the dreaded 'Unknown Error') doing it this way.

Of course this is not a guarantee that it will work for you too... but it's worth a bash.

dTube is the only place I encounter problems (will have to see how to sort one day) will not connect via SteemConnect that most other places connect with no problem at all. Use Firefox browser, have loaded a couple of video's up when introduced and it worked fine, later problems arose with signing in.

Don't like the way when you sign in that they never take you back to the video page you were on either.

Hey @joanstewart

I agree DTube was great (as a BETA)... but they don't seem to be making enough progress. They're losing ground to the progresses made by DLive. In fact their current ipfs queuing issues causing every video upload to take 1hour+ to upload might just be the tipping point.

In my opinion... The only reason to still use DTube over DLive

  1. Most NB: Most of my audience is South African, and for some reason DLive videos are nearly unwatchable with their caching/buffering issues from here in SA.
  2. DTube has their curation "bot"/programme that actually does visit the smaller guys every now and then... which more than makes up for their 25% beneficiary take.

Otherwise DLive is looking sexier and sexier by the day. If their buffering issues become a thing of the past, I doubt DTube's curation on every 3rd or 4th video will be able to sway me to stay.

Thanks for the help, I got DTube to upload! Here is what worked for me: I normally use FF, but on this try I actually used Chrome. I think using a different browser than you normally use/are signed in on is a key to it working...really no idea why that would be aside from cookies/cache maybe?

yeah... it's probably because our main browser has extensions that's causing the clash... however nobody has figured WHICH extensions are the problem yet.
I've heard many guys on the discord say they have problems.

Way Cool! I've actually been thinking of making the minimum upvote dynamic, based on the STEEM price... but that's gonna take a bit more coding.

It's so nice that you are trying to help the plankton on Steemit. Keep up the good work. 🙏

Well @wonderwop... it's only possible with regular player support from guys like yourself... so high-5 to YOU!

@resteemator is a new bot casting votes for its followers. Follow @resteemator and vote this comment to increase your chance to be voted in the future!

Hey guys... just a quick heads-up: I haven't forgotten about the comp... had a big one yesterday and only got near a PC again this evening.
Will pick the winners within the next day or so.


Resteemed. Great idea, anyway!

Thanks for the support... Good Luck!

I have done upvote and resteem,i hope i have done everything for this post i can.wish to grab the sbi shares

I see so... thanks for sharing, and good luck.

RESTEEMED it and upvoted my friend!

Thanks for the support... Good Luck!

100% upvotd that's 4cents contributed to that $1 payout!!

Resteemed too!

Upvoted 100% and resteemed.

Off the playdice thing.
I love this idea of yours.

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I think this is key, how you position in the downs is how we can best take advantage of the ups.

How will you know if I resteem? I did!

Or should I say,

RESTEEMED to my 1750++ followers!!!

Position wisely because eventually we'll be flying!

Exactly! I'm glad you see this too... and thanks for the support.

Re: "How do I know if you've resteemed?"

ooooh interesting thank you for that link I haven't used steemdb before....

you're welcome ;-)

Love how you see the silver lining despite the price that's tanking. I am bullish on market because it's the same situation that happened last year. Only slightly worse due regulations here and there plus news coverage that's been affecting the prices.

Well... the only thing that's predictable about crypto is that it's not predictable :P

I'm being dead serious about about the price of STEEM being low being a good thing though.
a) Using fiat to buy STEEM is a LOT cheaper now than it was several month ago. US$0.67 for lifetime of @steembasicincome upvotes is basically for free.
b) The amount of SP we're getting from each upvote is basically the same as it was previously. (just the fiat value of that vote that's dropped).

  1. Assume STEEM is trading at US$1 (and ignore curation and SBD print rates) ... a STU $1 upvote would score you .5 STEEM and .5SP
  2. Assume STEEM is now trading at US$0.75 (and still ignore curation and SBD print rates) ... That same person's upvote is probably now only worth .75... BUT a $0.75 upvote would score you .5 STEEM and .5SP ... nothing has really changed (except the good old days of SBD being overvalued at way more than $1).

Anyway... the other good thing is that everyone that was just here for the $ aren't posting anymore... so those of us that ARE posting have a much better chance of building real friends/connections that will ultimately determine how well we do on the platform.

I appreciate more insights on that matter. I was here when steem around this price and I am still here. It's always better during these times because we'd get to make real connections, like you said. I still see a lot potentials for steem to grow. I wonder what will the Steemfest and SMT effect will bring!

hmmmmm... the elusive SMT. Well... if it EVER comes to fruition, then yeah... I can't see how it would have a hugely positive impact on the STEEM Price.

Time will tell for sure!

Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks for the opportunity.

Thanks for the support... Good Luck!

Good for a ReSteem!

... *Takes a Bow *

Thanks for the support ;-)

No resteem but helping to get your 1$. @playdice and @steembasicincome, there is no limit to new ideas here, good luck!

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Oh WOW! That is so cool of you... on behalf of everyone else as well: THANKS!!!

I've also heard elsewhere that a decrease in the value of Steem also means it is easier to grow one's channel. Not sure how true that is in reality, though.

well... we get a lot more SP for our upvote value... so yes in US$ terms it's a lot harder... but in terms of SP: I'm growing much much faster than when STEEM was high.

P.S. Check my convo with @macchiata on that point (

That biking gif made me LOL, thank you for that. ;)

hahahaha... glad you enjoyed it :-)

VOTE resteem playdice and like your service. When I asked my followers they think steemprice will be about 2USD in december. Lets see if they have right

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That would be very welcome :-)

P.S. I'm hoping they're wrong and it's back at US$5 like when I first joined :-)

I have redeemed and upvoted your post

Thanks for the "redeeming" my post :P
hahaha... jokes/typos aside... Thanks for the support & Good Luck!

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