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RE: Pevo whitepaper public release (+ teaser site)

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Status update:

The paper is reaching its final form. Some changes are still pending, but mostly formatting and formulation issues.

We have a first contact to a scientist from Cambridge who is actively promoting Open Science since years, and an alleged contact to a professor from Oslo (see clains' comment). We also have an appointment at our local university (Lüneburg, Germany), which already supports Open Access in various ways.

The plans for the platform itself are coming together, we're having more and more ideas all the time, and expect a lot more to come from our contacts.

Logo work proved to be a challenge, our designer team is still in thinking-mode. As soon as that is done we'll set up a teaser site with the paper. Don't try to help, we also got a new name ;-)

We didn't find a lawyer who would be confident to support the project yet. As soon as crypto is mentioned most back out, especially when it comes to the financing-through-witness part. We got an appointment with a foundation consultant next week, I don't expect very much from him though (his first question on the phone was why we want to offer the service for free).


The appointment went a lot better than expected. He kept asking (silly) questions, which in the end all were worth asking. We gained a lot of confidence in addressing the possible concerns he came up with.
He likes what we presented and will help us getting the project started, we agreed to make another appointment in a couple of weeks.

I forgot I'd already seen this post so my apologies.....I just posted something similar because it's been on my mind a lot!

No need to apologize. When you got some time you're welcome to dive into the whitepaper and comment your ideas!

I am very excited for your project. Once it is launched, i will contact my brother in-law. He is a professor at la Sorbone in Paris and post-doc in particle physics. He may be a valuable connection

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