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A lot of people here on STEEM don’t get the importance of things that are happening right now. Most of them are just watching the price, waiting for something… But that something is already happening, and we don’t see it… Maybe it is because there are really, but really a lot of things going around the STEEM lately and we are flooded with information… Or maybe we just fall in a deep bear hibernation… Anyways... WAKE UP! Now it is the time to work for the future!

Let’s make a short recap… Everyone on the STEEM was patiently waiting for SMTs for almost 2 years… Then, the team around SteemMonsters decided to take the job in their hands and Steem-Engine platform was born. More and more tokens are created on the platform and then came SCOTbot who changed everything. It showed us what would be the real power of SMTs if they are out! It is a simplified version of SMTs, but it works!

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The next step was creating the communities inside the STEEM community. Yes, I know… It sounds very confusing (and maybe it is a little bit), but it is a really powerful tool. The first community was born and it is called In a nutshell, it is an interface very similar to, but with its own token, upvote rules and curation rewards. The best of all is that everything published on is also visible on any other STEEM blockchain interface (Steemit, Busy, Steempeak…)

After the first, it comes the second. The most popular game on STEEM, Splinterlands, got his own community similar to PALnet. It is called SplinterTalk. So if you are posting something about Splinterlands, it is more profitable for you to do it on SplinterTalk because you will get bigger visibility + you will probably get upvoted by someone and you will receive also SPT tokens as a reward.

Okay… This everything looks great, but what now? Well, these are really the first steps in the new era of STEEM. In my opinion, the next step will be to find USE CASE for each of those tokens. The great example is DEC token which is used inside the Splinterlands game, but it also has use case outside the game (buying upvotes for example). So, every future community has to find the way how to motivate their audience to USE the tokens. I suppose that developers of PALcoin and SPT coin are working on implementations of those tokens. Because, without the USE CASE, they are worthless (in a long run).

SMTs will come eventually (or not), and it will be super-easy to transfer these tokens to it when they are ready… But, we don’t want to wait for that moment, aren’t we? We have all those advantages already here and we have to find a way to implement and support them!

The future is always more predictable if we are holding the steering wheel in our hands.


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Splintertalk is awsome. No better way to talk than splinter talk. RAWR.

I agree with you! If you are playing the game and like to keep informed your followers, Splintertalk is the right place to do that!
Thanks for commenting!
Have a nice day!

Interesting post.
Never heard before about Splinterlands. Maybe because i hate everything related to games.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. Splinterlands is actually re-branded Steem Monsters game... The interesting thing about the game that you can earn tokens and valuable cards while you are playing...
Have a nice day!

OK, thanks for info. I just avoid everything associated with word "game". To my deep believe, games use ( unproductively) to much of human's main resource - TIME

palnet is not a first before that 2-3 scotbot sites already launched

As I said in the post... there are so many things that are going around STEEM that I've missed those... :)
Can you drop the links to them?

We are advincing toward the right path.

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Yes, we are... Because we can :)
Thanks for your time!