Hi @petervroom! Here is your @tipU service user data:

  • deposit for sending tips and @tipU upvotes: 0.0 SBD
  • investment status: 0 STEEM POWER delegated, 0 STEEM POWER invested
  • voting status: active, profit will be increased with each vote :)
  • Profitability: 0.839 SBD + 0.067 STEEM (1.39 USD) per 1k SP delegated or invested, APR: 25.74% (data from yesterday)

@cardboard what does deposit for sending tips ... 0 sbd mean?

Also I've tried sending bids to tipu and each time they got refunded. One refund said come back in 39 minutes. Is there a way of working out if the bot is ready to take a bid?

You can visit to see if payments are being refunded. Im working on a better system thought.

Upvoting is working now and have worked whole day yesterday :)

The late refund was probably my fault as I was changing/resetting the service. Normally its about 1 min.

Oh, and you can use @tipu to send tips and upvotes like this: tip! 0.1

Hi @petervroom! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @cardboard!

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