The Steem News @ 9 March 2021 - Learn with the Academy & Be Prepared with the Scouts

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If you want to learn crypto check out this week's new posts in the Steemit Crypto Academy.

If you want to be prepared check out the new Scouts Community.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about PLAY STEEM, the Writing & Reviews Community, and charity works in Sri Lanka....

1. Steemit Crypto Academy

The Steemit Crypto Professors have released a new set of lessons for the week.

This week @besticofinder is teaching more about Cryptocurrency Mining, @gbenga covers Blockchain Security, @sapwood is looking at the Steem Blockchain, @stream4u delves into the SuperTrend Indicator for Technical Analysis, and @yohan2on takes a more in-depth look at DeFi.

All the Professors set homework tasks that can earn upvotes from the @steemcurator accounts.

2. Be Prepared for a new Scouts Community

@fjjrg has launched a new community for Scouts and all things Scouting...

This is a site designed for lovers of Scouting activities, outdoor life, adventurers, explorers, campers, hikers, globetrotters. A space for recreation, games and outdoor adventures, where everyone can bring out that adventurer in them.

Campfires, camp kitchen, shelters, knots, moorings, constructions, tents, signs with banners, traffic lights, morse, encrypted messages, orientation by natural means such as the sun and stars, compass, tricks, tricks for better camping, stalking, tracking...

3. PLAY STEEM adds Temporary Storage

PLAY STEEM has added a feature for temporary storage of draft posts.

The Android version of this new mobile Steem app is due to be released in the next few days...

4. Writing & Reviews Community Hits 2K

The Writing & Reviews Community run by @fendit and @belenguerra has reached the milestone of 2,000 subscribers...

Writing & Reviews have just launched a great new 'Inspiring Women' contest. There is 25 STEEM in the prize pool and the contest runs until 16 March...

5. Steem Sri Lanka Charity Update

@steem-sri.lanka has posted a progress update for its SL-Charity project.

The project is due to run until 27 May and they have so far raised over 150 STEEM of their 1400 STEEM target...

Hopefully they can connect with @lidiasteem's new SteemCharity Community that is just being set up...

6. Contests, Contests, Contests !

Contests closing soon include...

Make sure you clearly state the closing date of your contest in the announcement post if you would like your contest to be included in this 'Closing Soon' section.

Compilations of many current contests on Steem have been posted by Best of India Community leader @rishabh99946...

And by @masumrbd of the Bangladesh Community...

And also some more from the Italy Community...

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This is #306 (9 Mar '21) of this daily news service.

For more news about Steem check out @dmitrik's weekly Steemit News...

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