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Today we are excited to announce the start of fundraising for our very first charity program.


Align to our new project Steem Sri Lanka 3G we are planning to conduct a charity program with the idea of providing a social value with our steemit earnings. This is happening for the first time ever in Sri Lanka!

We are planning to raise a charity fund using the rewards of posts we make during the next 3 months.

Start On : 25th February 2021
Close On : 27th May 2021
Minimum Estimated Amount : 100 000 LKR (~1400 STEEM)
Fundraising Methodologies:

  • Minimum of 5% benifitiary to @sl-charity from members live in Sri Lanka
  • Steem Donations

*Currenlty we are not planning to use @sl-charity for posting purposes

What Will be the Use of Fund

The selection of the exact activity/organization will be done in May 2021. The fund will be used for one or more of the following activities.

  • Facilitating low-income students with school wear and stationaries.
  • Funding for emergency medical operations
  • Sponsoring meals of Karapitiya Cancer Hospital
  • Donating for a charity organization directly
  • Funding for a school library, temple, or an animal hospital

Setting Beneficiary

In the advanced settings section, you can add @sl-charity as the beneficiary account.


And don't forget to write 5% to SL Charity as the last words of your title and mention @steem-sri.lanka an the bottom of your posts.

Get Together to Grow

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Este Proyecto que incluye un Programa de Caridad es sumamente loable. La acción de ayudar a los demás, de extender nuestros beneficios a otras personas, es un proyecto que todos debemos apoyar.

I appreciate this charity, it will bring more prosperity and happiness. I love people others. Good job indeed 👍 keep it up ❤️

From the bottom of my heart I appriciate this and join. Let's help the people who need our support. 💕

Excellent Initiative. Go Ahead and get it.

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Delegate Steem Power To Show Your SUPPORT

100 SP250 SP500 Sp1000 SP

Idea of the month ❤️

Thank you for delegation . We will set other works for you soon.. 😍