The Steem News @ 3 August 2021 - Communities of the Month announced

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Steemit Inc have announced the Communities of the Month for August.

SPUD4STEEM's August winners have been revealed.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about the Steem.Amal House, new witness @starlord28, Steem for SDGs, PromoSteem, Community Curator Accounts and more contests...

1. Communities of the Month - August

Steemit Inc have announced the six communities selected as the Communities of the Month for August.

Comunidad Latina, Steem-BRU, Steem SEA, Draft Crearte, PromoSteem and the Scouts Community will all be receiving extra support from @steemcurator01 for the rest of this month.

Alongside these six, 30 other communities will be receiving daily votes from the @booming accounts...

2. August SPUD4STEEM Winners

@kiwiscanfly has announced the winners of the August SPUD4STEEM.

Congratulations to top power-uppers @hive-180821 (Steemit-Garden) in first place, @amri in 2nd place, @steemkidss (3rd), @ijelady (4th), and @sammylinks (5th)...

3. Steem.Amal House Completed

@klen.civil and @sofian88 report on the completion of Steem.Amal's first house...

Program Manager @el-nailul has posted details of the schedule for the handover of the house to the recipient Mr Samsul on Thursday 5 August.

The distribution of over 1000 Steem.Amal promotional masks will also take place on Thursday...

4. New Witness - @starlord28

Indian developer @starlord28 has announced that he is becoming a Steem witness...

For a list of the current top 100 witnesses @steem.history publishes a daily list...

5. Steem for SDGs Merch

@ponpase has posted that Steem for SDGs has produced some eco-friendly shopping bags to promote their project and to provide an alternative to single-use plastic bags...

Steem for SDGs has also produced some promotional T-shirts...

6. PromoSteem Sponsorship

Long time Steem promoter @stephenkendal is continuing his support for Promo-Steem activities with the sponsorship of @arie.steem's Daily Chat Contest...

7. Community Curator Accounts

Country Rep @toufiq777 has produced an updated list of the SP of the curator accounts of most of the top communities...

8. Contests

@irawandedy is running a 'Review Your Weekend' contest with 30 STEEM in prizes...

For those interested in art @crearte is running a contest that involves giving your interpretation of a work by Pablo Picasso. There is 50 STEEM to be won...

@steemalive's latest contest asks people to nominate their top five communities...

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I'm very pleased to make it on the news this time... Steemit blockchain have change our lives. I will keep motivating others to enjoy all these blessings with me.. thanks to @kiwiscanfly, @marito74,@tuscond, @abuahmad, @pennsif and all steemians. We all are winners!!!!!!!

Thank you very much @pennsif, it has been being a hectic week for the steem.amal team. While the board member team is concerned about the handover of the mask and house, we were responding to the emergency response of fire in two different areas which the report will produce soonest possible.

Best Regards

Thank you for the feature in the Steem news @pennsif.
Steem on!

We appreciate the regular featuring of our projects. Voted with our community trail as support. @pennsif

Thank you so much for including us in this news.

Nice day and stay healthy.

Congratulations to all my friends as the Winner of the "SPUD4STEEM" contest for this August. I hope to continue to do your best for the progress of Steemit and give your support to friends who have quality and creative posts. Success always for you all.

Thank you @pennsif, once again congratulations for all the winners

Really good job brother. I'm sharing your post on Linkedin.



Congratulations 👏 from mine side.

Congratulations to all winners especially to steem kiddies community,ride on

Thank you @pennsif for the mention. Congratulations once more to all winners of August I SPUD4STEEM promotion

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