The Steem News @ 23 November 2021 - Crypto Academy Season 5 & the World Smile Education Centre...

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The Crypto Academy is now in week 2 of Season 5.

The World Smile Project has completed the Free Education Centre in Indonesia.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about SPUD4STEEM, the Steemit Oscars, Steem Sports, Steem Skillshare, Steem on Wheels, Steem Nodes and Contests on Steem...

1. Crypto Academy Season 5

The Steemit Crypto Academy has now moved on to week 2 of Season 5.

The courses for week 2 are from @nane15 and @sachin08 for Beginners, from @pelon53 and @utsavsaxena11 for the Intermediate level, and from @fredquantum and @reddileep for the Advanced students...

2. World Smile Education Centre

@klen.civil has announced that the Free Education Centre that the World Smile Project has been constructing in Aceh is now complete.

The 9m x 4.5m building in Blang Village, Syamtalira Aron District, North Aceh Regency took just a month to build and was entirely funded by donations and beneficiaries from Steem...

@miftahuddin has provided a budgetary update on the project...

3. SPUD4STEEM is coming soon

The next Steem Power Up event organised by @kiwiscanfly is now only seven days away.

The prizes for the December SPUD4STEEM are even bigger. As well as 31,500 SP for the top five winners, the @xpilar team are providing an extra 500 SP for each of the 6th, 7th and 8th places...

4. Steemit Oscars - Best Users

@papi.mati has further expanded his Steemit Oscars with the Best Users of November.

The awards include 'Golden User' with the November title going to @disconnect for his daily contest lists...

@papi.mati has also announced the nominations for the December Golden User - @ngoenyi, @whitestallion, @steemchiller, @stephenkendal, @cryptokraze, @saracampero, @art-venture, @arie.steem, @graceleon and @huzaifanaveed1.

Get your vote in now...

5. New Moderators

The Steem Sports Community has appointed two new Moderators - @adriancabrera and @yancar...

While Steem Skillshare are looking for new Moderators...

6. Steem on Wheels

In Ghana @mcsamm has launched a promotional campaign using Steem advertising cars...

7. How to set up a Steem Node

Top 20 witness @justyy has published a comprehensive document on how to set up a Steem node...

8. Contests on Steem

@disconnect continues to publish his comprehensive daily list of current contests on Steem.

There are 107 contests in the latest list with 2,300 STEEM in prizes...

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Very Nice News from Steem News about the World Smile Project, that the Free Education Center Construction Has Been Completed and also the Power Up Party from #SPUD4STEEM for December is only 7 days away, hopefully this will be the biggest Power Up Party at the end of this year.

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Thank you very much for the information @pennsif, this is very good news.

very nice update on steem blockchain

Gracias por toda la información...

Excelente noticias amigo, me alegra saber que ya en Indonesia tendrán el colegio y lo mejor es que fue en menos de un mes que genial.

Yo estoy esperando con ansias el spud4steem ya que está será mi primera vez patrocinando está competencia.

Saludos Cordiales.

Soy @jesusbar23 Kid Administrador De La Comunidad y miembro del CLUB5050... Hagamos fuerte a Steemit.

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Thank you so much @pennsif for the news. This edition is very rich with wonderful news. I appreciate all your efforts. Keep up the good work

Amazing updates on the steem blockchain

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Thank you very much @pennsif for the news


Getting ready for the SPUD4 this coming December 1st !!! We continue working to become a dolphin before the end of the year. Greetings and blessings my dear friend!

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very good news, thank you


I like the post but I'm not sure about the Oscars. What kind of Oscars are they if there isn't any dance, music or acting?

It's not the talent show but the list of the most successful communities and users - check it out to see what categories we have. Oscars for the users is announced one week after the community edition.

BTW, the Steemit Talent Show sounds quite interesting too. I'll let you do it if you are interested to. If you'd rather pass, I may consider making it someday.

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this blog is very attractive, it is like a hub of news. you have accumulated all the desired and helpful news regarding steem at one place. its really creative.

Awesome News from Steem,is nearly the end of year and I just few day to December, Hoping to see Big rewards from Steem... hoping to see how December will turn out on Steem.... kudos.........

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