The Steem News @ 11 April 2024 : The New Steem Representatives

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Steemit Inc has announced the new Steem Representatives.

The prize pool for the Steem Video Contest has now reached 49,000 SP in delegations.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about a Showcase Interview, Steem promotion on local radio, a Steem Meetup in Uyo, Ingan.Elements, World Smile Project, promoting Steem on X, Steemometer, Steem PR, and Contests on Steem...

1. Steem Representatives

Steemit Inc has now announced the new Steem Representatives.

There are 30 in total, mostly existing Steem Reps but with a new faces : @adeljose, @alejos7ven, @ashkhan, @chant, @dexsyluz, @dove11, @edgargonzalez, @eliany, @el-nailul, @goodybest, @heriadi, @inspiracion, @irawandedy,@jyoti-thelight, @karianaporras, @kouba01, @mikitaly, @msharif, @moecki, @o1eh, @patjewell, @radjasalman, @ripon0630, @sduttaskitchen, @shiftitamanna, @solaymann, @suboohi, @waterjoe, @weisser-rabe, @wilmer1988...

2. Steem Video Contest

@xpilar has launched a contest for people to make promotional videos about Steem.

The prize pool for this contest has now risen to over 49,000 SP in delegations. The judges for the contest will be @xpilar, @stef1 and @pennsif.

The closing date for entries has now been extended until 20 April...

Pennsif the Witness

After almost 2000 days on Steem I decided it was time to take my contribution to the platform to the next level.

I have therefore set up as a Steem witness... @pennsif.witness

If anyone would like to support what I already do, and what I am planning to do, by giving one of their 30 witness votes to @pennsif.witness I would be hugely grateful.

You can read my full witness announcement here...

@pennsif.witness is now at #19. Thank you to everyone who has voted to help get to this position.

3. Showcase Interview

@ubongudofot continues with his Showcase interviews, this time talking with Bulgarian blogger and musician @shemzee...

@ubongudofot has also posted a reminder that he will be appearing on a local radio station 90.5FM AKBC-Uyo on Sunday to talk about his Steem Lighting Africa project to install PV systems in local schools...

You can listen to the station online...

4. Steem Meetup in Uyo

Steem Rep @goodybest is hosting a Steem Meetup to celebrate her third anniversary on the platform.

The event is in Uyo, Nigeria on Saturday 13 April...

5. Ingan.Elements

Korean witness developer @etainclub continues work on his new account exchange dApp 'ingan.elements'.

Ingan.Elements is due to be launched next week...

6. World Smile Project Food Donations

World Smile Project leaders @el-nailul and @heriadi have posted updates on the project to donate food parcels to local orphans in North Aceh during Ramadan...

7. Recommended Reads

Scouts y sus Amigos community leader @fjjrg has posted a tutorial on how to promote your Steem posts on X (formerly Twitter)...

Long time Steemian @remlaps has posted another episode in his Programming Diary this time on progress towards getting his Steemometer ready to publish as open source...

Top 20 Witness @pennsif is building a list of crypto news sites and crypto journalists in preparation for the launch of a Steem PR service...

8. Contests on Steem

@disconnect continues to publish his comprehensive daily list of current contests on Steem.

There are 101 contests in the latest list with over 700 STEEM in prizes...

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La primavera de abril se hace notar en Steem 🦋 Estoy muy agradecida por la confianza en ser elegida como Representative Steem nuevamente

Paso a paso, estoy segura de que Steem se hará notar en el mundo entero 🌏 solo hay que trabajar duro como lo hace Ubongudofot

un gran ejemplo a seguir

Estaré pasando por las lecturas recomendadas, espero disfrute de su café ☕

Congratulations on being reselected as a Steem Rep.

@ubongudofot is doing great work, especially with his solar project for schools.

@pennsif hello sir,

I don't have to visit steemit again and again to get the news of the whole steemit team together. From your post I can know steem price, value and all updates sir. Currently waiting for your steem PR to be activated. Thank you very much for presenting the news in a nice way.

I am glad you find Steem News useful.

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my name is @ilnegro and I voted your post using

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