The Steem News @ 10 October 2021 - Steem is still powering up...

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Steem is still Powering Up - but only just !

The World Smile Project is still building - in Venezuela and Indonesia.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about a PromoSteem Meetup in Indonesia, Steem Communities, Steem-Travelers Community, AVLE, Courses on Steem, Steem Contests...

1. Steem is still Powering Up - but only just !

The Steem Community is still powering up - but not so much at the lower levels.

The latest stats from @steemchiller show a continued growth in the number of Dolphins, Orcas and Whales over the last 3+ weeks. The Orcas are the best performers with a growth of 10 (3.88%) from 258 to 268.

Minnows however have dropped slightly to 6,196 - we need a big, big push to get more people over the 500 SP level...

CategorySP15 Sep '2110 Oct '21%
Redfishunder 500SP1,582,4621,599,499+ 1.08%
Minnows500SP - 4,999SP6,1996,196- 0.05%
Dolphins5,000SP - 49,999SP1,2081,210+ 0.17%
Orcas50,000SP - 499,999SP258268+ 3.88%
Whalesover 500,000SP2930+ 3.45%

Please also note that in the table above the Steem Power values for each 'sea creature category' are only approximate, as the 'raw data' supplied by @steemchiller is based on Vests not SP.

For example 'Minnows' refer to those people with 1,000,000 - 9,999,999 Vests, and 'Dolphins' refers to those with 10,000,000 - 99,999,999 Vests.

2. World Smile Project still building

World Smile Project founder @el-nailul reports on progress on their two main current projects.

Construction of the house for Manuel and his family in Venezeula is progressing well and is now almost two-thirds complete.

The Education Centre project in Indonesia however has slowed due to budget constraints. More funds are needed to keep this build on track...

@klen.civil and @eduardo.herrero have posted more detailed updates on the Venezuela building work...

@miftahuddin and @irawandedy have given updates on the Education Centre project in Indonesia...

3. PromoSteem Meetup in Indonesia

The PromoSteem group in Indonesia have organised a Meetup in Lhokseumawe, Aceh today to promote Steem and recruit newcomers to the platform.

@ponpase reports that 40 people are expected to attend the meeting...

4. Steem Communities

@papi.mati has published the 4th edition of his very comprehensive list of Steem communities.

The list now has 124 active communities...

5. Steem-Travelers Community

A new Travel community has been launched by @papi.mati and @willeusz.

It already has 127 active posters...

The community has also now just opened a Discord server...

6. AVLE Update

Developer @etainclub continues to post regular updates on the progress of his new AVLE dApp...

7. Courses on Steem

Steem Infinity Zone and Steem SkillShare both run a range of courses in their communities.

Steem Infinity Zone concentrates on IT and tech courses. Moderator @vvarishayy has published the latest list...

Founder @milakz has posted a list of the wider variety of courses on the Steem SkillShare community from Permaculture to Dogs to Crochet to Chinese...

8. Steem Contests

Contests are still thriving on Steem. They are a great way to network and to earn STEEM.

@disconnect lists 136 contests offering around 3000 STEEM in prizes in the latest daily listing...

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Im pretty sure I am bringing all my Hive over here to Steem. The whales over there are attacking users left and right. Great dapps over there, but horrible community and very unprofessional. Time to find some active users over here on Steem and make friends

Excelentes noticias. Steemit crece con grandiosas ideas y personas comprometidas.

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