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RE: Is the Sky Really Falling?

in #steem2 years ago

Lol the sun will rise again you say :) Agreed we don't know and I guess a person must consider Tron would want to do which is the most beneficial to all involved. Which I don't I think it is a power trip and they can't give two fucks about Steem as a chain. It is just another thing to destroy. I got my popcorn though so will wait and see.


Yeah whatever I guess, popcorn it is. But I think I've seen a few very ugly things over the last few days (even more than previously) as to why this platform is the way it is, and why it is failing. Nobody will ever admit to it though for the fear of being sidelined and forgotten. Also, the status quo is just way too profitable for some. And then you have the people in between who think they are a "someone" and take on the same behaviours that they once denounced. It's very sad indeed as far as I'm concerned. Instead of worrying of what might happen, I'm more interested in what I am seeing right now.

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