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RE: Dropping in Alexa Rank - Write Posts Reflecting Current Trends to Catch SEO Traffic!

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I was thinking the same. We dont have enough content that people do searches for. For example How to type article, long form, rich in long tail key words, these can rock in rankings and seo.

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Yeah that's right, any sort of how to's are good. Even gardening, woodwork, life hacks etc, we need to move away from Steem and Bitcoin centric stuff, not move away but have more normie stuff on or at least a balance.


any sort of how to's are good. Even gardening, woodwork, life hacks etc

This is exactly what the new tribe Build-It is encouraging. Yes, it has its own front-end which might seem that it drives away traffic from or other front-ends. However, it's much easier to encourage specialized content on designated front-ends for several reasons:

  • Specialized content gets more attention on content specific front-ends, because of the content specific tokens. You can think of tribes as a first filter and an incubator for great content.
  • Expert content creators usually feel more at home in content specific front-ends. This enables them to write technical or expert knowledge posts without feeling the need to 'dumb' it down.
  • Less pressure on content creators to write posts that please the masses. While this may sound opposite to the discussion here on attracting the masses, it is not. Having a great diversity of specialized knowledge is powerful and will draw attention streams from all over the internet.

The key here is diversity of specialized content rather than pleasing the masses. This is what tribes will help in :)

Oh cool I didn't know about this tribe, I certainly love the idea and will check it out more often. That's exactly what we need, very encouraging to see.

Basically, actually read the stuff from the tribes? That's a curator problem.

There are people making those posts, but big voters don't care about them.

Agreed, the authors making those posts can also promote themselves to be seen more, the services are there, aka MinnowBooster.

It's also a bit more complicated than simply promoting.

Those who care about rewards may fear being blindly downvoted. They would be noticed, but not for the content.

Then, multiple tribes have their own token sink to promote content within their trending. So, boosting to the general Steem public feel unnecessary.

I think some of the blind downvoting has stopped, also in the latest @minnowbooster post we mention that we have introduced a burn aspect to our service so it is less likely stakeholders will downvote a post upvoted by MinnowBooster.

Would be cool if a UI like steempeak could assign an SEO value to the article based on current search term popularity ranking found in the post. Tagging @asgarth and @jarvie. :) This could be abused however by posts just listing the most popular keywords.

Ah actually would be nice if someone did a post to educate writers on how to find trending topics and keywords, I'm not even sure myself, would have to google it and wouldn't it be nice if the tutorial I found by searching was on a Steem post!