Newbie Showcase, FREE STEEM Training and STEEM Power Delegation #2

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Win 20 SP in Delegation for 4 weeks by learning more about STEEM.  

Last week I linked some free delegation for newbies with a training course about STEEM.  It took me a long time to understand how STEEM worked.  With SBD, STEEM, Voting Mana, Resource Credits, there is just so much to take in for a newbie.  That coupled with the RC problem new accounts have, I thought it would be a nice match to give free delegation to new accounts that have the hunger and want to learn about STEEM.  The aim of this is to aid with onboarding and help with retention.

Rules for Entry

• Your account must be less than 3 months old and you must own less than 100 SP

• You must complete this course (which is FREE)

• When you complete the course, you must DM me on Udemy with your STEEM account name

What You Will Learn

this course is a non scammy, non get rick quick, factual resource to fast track what you need to understand about the financial workings of STEEM.  With this course you can learn in an hour what took me months to understand.

On complete this course you will have a deeper understanding of:

- STEEM and its role in the blockchain.

- SBD and its role in the blockchain

- STEEM Power and its role in the blockchain

- Voting mana and its role in the blockchain

- Resource Credits and their role in the blockchain

In addition to this you will learn how to use tools like the internal exchange, resource credit checkers, voting mana simulators and much more.

What You Will Get

20 SP Delegation for 4 weeks

This will get you 40 G in RC’s.  The current cost of a comment is 1.84G, a vote. 0.15G and a transfer 0.81G

At these levels 20 SP in delegation will give you 3 to 4 comments a day, or 38 votes a day or 7 transfers.  

Meet Last weeks Delegates

I was hoping this section of the post would be a little curation of posts from those that have taken the course and received delegation.  Unfortunately, this week we have no posts from our delegates so I have nothing to showcase.


@otek joined steem in Jan 19 and has been hitting it hard with curation in the last week.  Posting 45 different comments, I do hope to see a new post soon after all that engagement. @otek has also given out 382 votes to 223 accounts. 


@maitre joined steem in Jan 19.  With only 11 comments, no posts and 78 votes in the last week, I’m hoping to see more action while the delegation last.

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Great initiative @paulag

It's also good to see new account creation taking a steady move up recently

$rewarding 100% 14min

new account creation aint looking bad at all :-)

thanks for your support @kabir88

This is fantastic for the community! I will share your udemy course with noobs I'm trying to onboard!

BTW it was Kevin Hart's face that got me to click....

#sbi-skip (testing on comment)

thanks for sharing, heheh glad you like the cover image :-)

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing these new users grow with their learnings! Will keep an eye out for them!

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nice one @newageinv, let hope they get a little more active

Pretty good idea! Took me MONTHS to get to grips (and still am) with steemit

lol took me a while too, the learning curve is steep, I hope this will smooth it out for some :-)

Nice one :)

Well I hope you get some takers. How long do you think the course takes to complete?

fast play 40 min, but really to understand some bits you may have to revisit a lesson twice so say an hour, but if its you, 5- 6 hours lol

An hour is pretty good going, I'm still learning 2 years in so think you are being rather generous with your estimate :P

im still learning too, every steem day is a school day :-)

Oooooh! This seems interesting :3 I'll be in touch with you soon!
It's very good of you to be looking out for us newbs.

fantastic stuff, I hope to see you in the course and when you are done, send me a dm on udemy and we can get you some delegation :-)

Great idea but there are also people like me who are not new and simply try or follow a tip and still do not know what they are doing orhow to improve.

So you made a course so people understand how or what and next I read:

What You Will Get
_20 SP Delegation for 4 weeks
This will get you 40 G in RC’s. The current cost of a comment is 1.84G, a vote. 0.15G and a transfer 0.81G
At these levels 20 SP in delegation will give you 3 to 4 comments a day, or 38 votes a day or 7 transfers. _

And I think: SP, delegation, G, RC's???

I hope if my internet is better I can visit the link of that course you gave. For now I will resteem and share.

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  ·  11 months ago (edited)

People that want to take the course, new or not to steem are more than welcome, its free.

The delegation is for those with Resource Credit problems. New accounts dont have any steempower and so they need help with resource credits so that they can post and vote and stuff

thank you so much for the resteem and share

I've been here for years but might do the course anyway because there are a lot of things i don't understand still :)

awesome, I would be delighted to hear your feedback :-)

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thanks for that @steem-ua, im rather happy with a rank of 86

Howdy paulag! This is such a practical as well as compassionate and highly needed course, I hope it finds it's way to many new members!

thanks, I think I am going to change some of the rules and open it to all redfish and maybe even increase the delegations :-)

howdy this fine Sunday paulag! That sounds interesting indeed. Who funds the delegations, is that you?