FREE STEEM Training and FREE STEEM Power Delegation and Learners Showcase #16

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Earn 50 SP in Delegation for 4 weeks by learning more about STEEM.  

Are you finding it hard to get your head around STEEM?   It took me a long time to understand how STEEM worked.  With SBD, STEEM, Voting Mana, Resource Credits, there is just so much to take in for a newbie.  That, coupled with the RC problem new accounts have, I thought it would be beneficial to give free delegation to new accounts that have the hunger and want to learn more about STEEM.  

Then I thought some more.  I see many people taking the course that are not new steemains and have accumulated some steem.  Why exclude these from the free delegation if they complete the course?

Rules for Entry for Free Delegation

• You must complete this course (which is FREE)

• When you complete the course, you must share your certificate of completion in the comments of this post

What You Will Learn

This course is a non scammy, non get rich quick, factual resource to fast track what you need to understand about the financial workings of STEEM.  With this course you can learn in an hour what took me months to understand.

On complete this course you will have a deeper understanding of:

- STEEM and its role in the blockchain.

- SBD and its role in the blockchain

- STEEM Power and its role in the blockchain

- Voting mana and its role in the blockchain

- Resource Credits and their role in the blockchain

In addition to this you will learn how to use tools like the internal exchange, resource credit checkers, voting mana simulators and much more.

What You Will Get

50 SP Delegation for 4 weeks

This will get you 100 G in RC’s.  The current cost of a comment is 1.6G, a vote. 0.15G and a transfer 0.83G.  If you are creating comments with images or long form comments, they will cost you a little more.

At these levels 50 SP in delegation will give you around 10 comments a day, or 100 votes a day or 18 transfers.  

Meet Last weeks Delegates

I was hoping this section of the post would be a little curation of posts from those that have taken the course and received delegation.  Last week I gave out 5 new delegations.  Of that 5, 3 were only given out this morning and they will be featured in next weeks post.  This week I have two accounts to showcase 

@bloggerkrunal joined steem in March this year and already seems like a very familiar account to many people.  I would highly recommend you check out this latest post.  Love or Luv. 

@chrismadcboy2016 joined steem in Dec 17. @chrismadcboy2016 gave out 99 updates to 57 different accounts this week and published 8 posts.  I do hope that you will visit his latest post and show some support 

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That sound like great project, seemit need much more active users to grow

And all we have to do is help them :-)
did you take the course, if you did , share your cert and you can get 50sp in delegation

I think I'm doing well so far after so long here 😉

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Thanks for a great shout-out. @paulag
I really appreciate that! 😊

Posted using Partiko Android

You are most welcome. Keep doing what you are doing 😛

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I've created a post on this. I hope it can benefit to many other Steemians.

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This is a great initiative and all newbies should attend the course to familiarize the terms and Steem related money matter from an expert brain..

Myself is a testimony to it..

Heres an upvote, and since your recent comments were mostly at $0 I gave you some comment upvotes so they can stand out more :D

I know that when I got upvotes like this when I joined steem, it really motivated me, like direct dopmaine response

This made my day. Thank you very much. People like you and @paulag making real changes in my steemit life...

Thumbs up

Newbies and more experienced have been learning from it. Glad to hear u found it of value

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Thanks for helping noobs on steem. I made sure to go upvote the commenters other comments in here

Here is an upvote and 100 ASS tokens

True..there are many people who are joining here just as any other SM without knowing the crypto currency related advantage. I was one among them despite seeing the dollar sign but now I could be able to know its importance - Thanks to you and others - but still I am also sure I am now where near to the exact implication and dealings of it, but I am sure I can do it in the near future going through this platform everyday...

Have a good day..

I've got the certificate @paulag


High five to you, nice work on completing the course, I have just sent you on 50 sp delegation. Enjoy it and if you have any questions please do let me know

Thankyou very much dear @paulag

:-( It does not look´s like i am a Newbie. But i work like ones! Is this Paying for being like a Newbie? :-)

You don't have to be a newbie, complete the course, share ur certificate and I will give you some delegation

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Look, i am a Newbie. :-) I am with stupid, a littel bit more. :-) But i try it out, to certificate my stupidness. I will do this for the fun and i hope, you will not delegate me. :-) Give it some other little ones to motivate, if i get the certificateing, please. Thank you for making that, a very cool thing. Salve and good time. Read you. Alucian

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Heres an upvote for you, since I actually care about small fish who take the time to comment :)

I also gave you some upvotes on all your recent comments! Enjoy @alucian

Thank you very much. :-)


@paulag Thanks!!

nice work indeed @mastersa, I have just sent you on some delegation, its only little but I hope it helps, enjoy :-)


I have successfully completed the course and learnt allot about steem blockchain

Hello there @ajks and congratulations on completing the course - I have just sent you on 50sp delegation for a month, enjoy it. If you have any questions, please do let me know :-)

Thanks for your help

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superb idea, and soo helpfull for the redfish too :D il loove free sp, who dosent ? ;) BUT heay, needy isent my way :P
SoooOOO can I help you in some way???

How nice of you to offer to help, I do this post every week, a resteem would help to get more eyes on it, that would be a fantastic help.

No problem, just make a shout out & il try my best to help you out :D &&&&resteem have been ;) done ;) :P

Thank you so much @paulag I admire everyone to learn the steem blockchain specially the newbie on

aweeeee thank you for your kind words...together we will make steem great :-)


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