FREE SP Delegation for STEEM newbies – Details Inside

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Many new accounts are still hampered with Resource Credit problems.  Not having the ability to do much and yet being told, you gotta engage, you gotta comment on posts from others, you gotta reply to everyone that comments on your post.  How the heck can new accounts get by.

This onboarding problem has been here for a while and from what I can see will be here for a while longer so its time for me to step up and offer help to new accounts.

I’m giving away some SP delegation and there are a few simple rules

Rules for Entry

For this you will receive 20 SP delegation for 4 weeks.

Simple, effective and helpful.  You learn and win at the same time.  A quick tip: watch the course in fast play and you will be finished in less than an hour.  Join 1300+ other steemians that have taken this course. 

 Shameless Promotion

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Howdy again paulag! this is great, thank God for you helping. I was just contacted today by a totally new member who wanted help so I was able to send her the link to that course.

great, feel free to send all newbs over. If they are happy to invest the time learing I am happy to help them get off the ground with RCs

I will, thank you so much paulag and God bless you!

This might be something for you 😉

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thanks for bringing people to this post dude, you rock

Actually, you are the one that rocks!! I think the extra 20 SP will definitely help. Didn't realize the bandwith issue until I started getting really active on the platform. If it wasn't for delegation I would have a shortage every day.

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Wauw awesome! @pawiroisiah check this out man 😁

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awesome that you are sharing too, I hope to see you in the course :-)

I'll try to do you one better. I'll share it during the next Steem Meet Up in Suriname 💪

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Cool thing to do, @paulag.
It seems like I'm missing so much - I only found out about this post by seeing a resteem of it on one of my delegatee's blog.
I really can't keep up with everything. While I'm typing this, I see a post by Asher in the background about Engage tokens I didn't see yet. I really need to find a way to get organized and keep up with stuff I think is important. I can't even manage to handle all my comments and replies, let alone take a look at my feed.

Anyway, resteemed for more visibility! :0)

thats for your support as always @simplymike. Im going to be honest, Im struggling too to stay on top of it all so dont worry about it. we are all trying our best is a busy choppy sea :-)

Thanks, @paulag. Glad to know it's not just me :0)

Very generous, @paulag! I hope many new steemians take advantage of your offer!

thank you so much, I hope loads of people take advantage

Re-steemed so my newbie followers can see this.

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thank you for the resteem

YEEEEEEES, @paulag!! Oh, I am sooooo glad someone understands! I'm trying to engage but have no concept of why every third action is blocked! 'Running out of Steem/bandwidth/etc' is not easy to understand at all, and so your course promises to help me ENORMOUSLY - thank you so much for your generous sharing - and for this beautiful, blessed and VERY welcome offer to Steem power up new Steemians - yeyeeeee! Happy successful fulfilling day to you! 😊😍🌞🌺PS urgh- blocked again - will likely have to wait some hours or another day before posting this!

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I hope to see you in the course so, do let me know when you have it complete and I will sort you out with some SP to increase your resource credits

I'm savouring it - it's exactly what I needed to see and hear, @paulag - huge gratitude to you!

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Hi @clareartista, I am glad this pleases you - sounds like I will see you in the course :-)

Fantastic project, @paulag, your course is amazing! Steem has so many different aspects that even experienced users only learn over time. Rewarding new users to learn the basics up front is a win-win situation for everybody. Kudos!

Thanks @crokkon, with any luck we will get a nice uptake

Great event, help, hope new people grow up fast

thank you so much for your support

Learning and winning at the same time sound really good. But since I'm not native english, I'll play in normal (or slow) mode, LOL!

Thank you very much for this very nice opportunity... see ya! ;)

🥂 Cheers! 🥂

fantastic, let me know when you have it complete and you are eligible for delegation :-)

well that was fast indeed. I hope that you found the course useful and I have sent on the delegation. enjoy.

Oh yes, the course was useful and I'm very grateful to you for it and for the delegation!

🥂 Cheers! 🥂

Thank you 🙏 for the help and the boost you will give them !
Kudos to you!

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hay @vlemon thank you so much for your support

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