SteemPoint: a physical place - First sketches

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I'm working for one of my projects to make Steem grow - as far as I can, of course.

SteemPoint is a project  born watching the Steem Park created by @sndbox in New York City. I'd like to create something physical, useful and appealing in my city, Pistoia (Italy). In these days I'm talking to the City Administration about it.

Steem Point should be

  • - a free hotspot - with Steemit as starting page (or a better frontpage people will see when they will start using the hotspot)
  • - a urban furniture to redevelop a corner of the city or of one of its parks.
  • - a cosy and pleasant meeting place for the people living around there.

The sketches I'm showing here are just some ideas, since the choice of the place will affect the development of the plan.

In my city there are really many producers of ornamental plants, so  part of the structure should be filled with plants or grass.

I'm not an architect, but I worked for many years with my uncle Giuliano which was a urban planner for at least 40 years.

I hope to receive suggestions and help from the Steem community and from the @sndbox team in this project.

The idea to provide a meeting point AND a free web hotspot comes from the relative rarity of free access point in this city. Besides, that allows to provide informations about Steem to the users going there to find free wifi. A little outdoor router placed in a safe site next to the furniture is enough for that. Maintenance will be operated by private shopkeepers in the same park.

If the project - with the help of the Steem community - will be carried out, we can think to repeat the format in other cities.

Let's see.

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Avanti così Paolo

That's a cool idea. I hope you can make it happen

I feel like I just looked at some sketches of DaVinci!

Cool stuff from a cool guy!

lol! exaggerated!
thx @kus-knee ^^

what a good idea to implement something physical of Steemit into your city!

Have you heard of edible gardens or permaculture? Some cities do experiment with planting their open spaces for the community and invite the citizens to plant and harvest as well. So it is not only a lovely space but also useful in the sense of taste & touch.

I really would like to see that concept in reality and imagine people gathering there.

Have fun & success with that!

thx. I hope it will become real and inspire more plan like that around the world

These are some fantastic amazing design ideas @paolobeneforti all inspired from the new Steem logo not only that but the water feature in any park would look beautiful.

thx :)

Congrats's just great!

thx Leotrap! :)

Great project, I hope the same can be done in the Philippines in the future. Good luck in the progress of your project and will standby for its exciting progression!

thx! I will share my experience step by step :)

Need to contact with many people for grow it. Thats what we need. We must work all together

Cool idea @paolobeneforti!
I like the sketches, specially the one that has the curves that bury into the ground, would be very interesting to see.

thank you :)

by the way, you could still be in the rows of the bench, like the steem icon.although a very interesting project


great job!

Wow amazing sketches Art work and awesome looking, Nice explanation. I truly love seeing this kinda art, Thanks for sharing @paolobeneforti

No one else has pointed this out, but you have to have express written permission from Steemit Inc. to use their logo.

The blue STEEM logo is public domain, the STEEMIT logo is not.

theorically ^^


it is not a problem really

As long as you've got permission to use it, sure. Just pointing out that that logo is copyrighted intellectual property.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Ciao paolobeneforti , Il progetto è molto bello e ricreativo, però a me (in particolare) non mi piace il nuovo logo dello Steemit, per questo sarebbe tropo aggiungere anche l'antico logo nel tuo progetto? (;

in realtà l'uso del logo è secondario, quel che mi interessa è creare una panchina+aiuola+wifi che fa conoscere Steem. :)

Ho capito! Bravo! (;

That's a cool idea.

My first concern was about drainage; I think the enclosed area could turn into a wading pool around here in the winter.