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RE: My first week on Steemit

in #steem6 years ago

Wow, one week here and already posts into the hundreds! Not bad! :)

Welcome to the platform, may it bring you much joy and wealth and may you bring in lots of new people! Steemit is great as you're probably finding out, and we could use people like you to spread the word!


If you check his profile, you will notice that he joined in September and so I think you misunderstood him. His rep is too high for him to be a week old anyways.

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You got that one fast, there you are with the proof

Great job done, keep it up
In less than 3 hours after posting over 36 votes and over $2.


run in to the same lock ! lol First week on steemit, i thought what ,??? lol

It was a case of the shoeshine boy telling us to buy cryptos. I am sure some people couldn't resist...

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