My first week on Steemit

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I started posting #davidpakmanshow content to Steemit last week, and I'm asking my audience to come join me here! Thanks to everyone who has already supported the content here!

Would it be interesting to have @ned on my channel to discuss Steemit and push more traffic this way?


Great follow up post David. We'll have to see if we can arrange that interview! I'm sure Ned would love to chat.

Community Liaison, Steemit

Community liaison what a title

Thank you for your best cooperation to produce more effective movement on steemit community to achieve highest standard of all trades and commitments.

The community is doing great

Make it real @andrarchy great job!

can somebody tell me , what are the other social media that pay ?

I know that Facebook pays – if you're Mark Zuckerberg!! :-(

Ha hahaha


good work, go to my followers and I will go to you follower

Great follow up post David. We'll have to see if we can arrange that interview! I'm sure Ned would love to chat.

Community Liaison, Steemit

Seriously? You're not only plagiarizing but fraudulently claiming to be a member of the Steemit Team? Wow, bye

@davidpakman , you might want to look into posting some of your Steem-spreading work via This is an "open-source" portal to to the Steem blockchain that rewards, among other things, projects that "increase visibility to OS projects".

"Visibility Category
These contributions serve as a way to bring more visibility to an Open Source project. They must include links to social network posts, adv and similar, plus the results of the visibility effort."

This might increase the visibility your posts get with a big vote from

@elear , can David's Steemit marketing here be submitted via He's doing good work here with a large (I heard 400k) subscriber base, any chance of a pop-in here to explain this as a visibility submission?

(4% self-vote, visibility)

very interesting, will check this out!

I am new to steem, is it possible for a newbie to join utopian? I don't have a open source project, is that a problem?

Please follow and Upvote me and stay connected together

@hassanjony consider this like a friendly tip... begging for follows and upvotes is not well received on Steemit, it might actually get your account flagged. I'm not saying you are doing something necessarily evil, or anything that dramatic, but I promise... this is not the right way to interact.

The day I discovered steemit I was in paradise.

Can you explain why? (I'm a newbie)
It would help a lot, which is one of the reasons we're all here in the first place, right?

You have to spend CASH/CURRENCY/DOLLARS/ETC to buy this invisible digital shit to begin with.

Ohhh! Thank's for answer

would be very grateful for the advice, this is also my first week

Well, I resteemed you to 6.4k people. Hopefully that helps you build your audience here as well as on youtube.

It works @aggroed... you got me in lol! Some interesting content @davidpakman I look forward to reading more!

thank you so much, very much appreciated!

Wow that was so kind. Love all over this steemit planet

Wow that was nice @aggroed how about if you resteem this crappy poem to 6.4k lovely fans.

thats nice @aggroed of you. the orientation conversation sounds interesting, ill check it out for sure, thanks.

Wow, one week here and already posts into the hundreds! Not bad! :)

Welcome to the platform, may it bring you much joy and wealth and may you bring in lots of new people! Steemit is great as you're probably finding out, and we could use people like you to spread the word!

If you check his profile, you will notice that he joined in September and so I think you misunderstood him. His rep is too high for him to be a week old anyways.

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You got that one fast, there you are with the proof

Great job done, keep it up
In less than 3 hours after posting over 36 votes and over $2.


run in to the same lock ! lol First week on steemit, i thought what ,??? lol

It was a case of the shoeshine boy telling us to buy cryptos. I am sure some people couldn't resist...

Hell yeah David. Nice to see you here. I have been watching you for a while now on YouTube. I am happy you have informed your viewers about this.

The traffic is so much

Him and @keiserreport if you want to get the crypto anarchist perspective on blockchain. Plus you can butt heads on the Russia thing for entertainment.

Very motivational information, I think it's gonna help us , Thanks David for this follow-up idea.

I agree with that very informative

interesting. Be prepared for the new updates that are coming for your platform

Shit, we should just start calling you the Crypto Oracle.

And you've already made $250 in one week just from a couple of hundred followers, that's not counting all the unvested rewards that have not paid out yet. Plus you didn't buy a big pile of STEEM to self promote your initial posts and bootstrap your community here.

I would also say that political content is general not that popular here so your individual posts are actually doing pretty well to make as much as they do. But if you manage to bring some of your followers to Steemit that could change all that.

Good luck and glad to have you on Steemit! Remember this platform only has a few hundred thousand active monthly users - there is so much room for growth it is crazy. Even if you're here a year after it started you are still an early adopter and blockchain pioneer!

Political content has not been that popular but it also has not had anyone present it in this fashion. I think the video format works well here.

and I know I said it before, but welcome to steemit @davidpakman ;-)

Exactly. People who base the content they create based on the content they see as "popular" are shooting themselves in the foot. Make awesome content and you will be rewarded. David proves that

That's laughable.

Names with an already established reputation/fan base get noticed and rewarded as incentive to spread the gospel. Just in the same way that @dolarvigilante was able to receive impressive rewards early on. Thus make multiple videos proclaiming how great steemit was. He has not made a video promoting steemit for nearly 6 months though.

I do wonder if his now capped earnings despite having a massive fan base here no longer gives him an incentive to promote. It could also explain why there was that slight disgruntled undertone to his steemfest presentation.

David would have found success here even if he posted an image of him on the toilet. The rest have to pay to get rewarded or just wallow in their stink until they can finally realize how to toe the line.

The positives that David may bring to steemit however, I am not disputing or against. The platform needs people like him. This is what I have voiced in many comment chains on posts that are discussing the state of steemit. Posts which evidently, I have not seen you so active on - Mr Community Liaison.

One thing is definite though. Content is NOT king. You know that.

Creating awesome content that lots of people like on other platforms counts. David has clearly put in the time for years and yes, steem stakeholders do reward that. David's content is "awesome" IMO because 1. the video is high production value, 2. he is leveraging his existing platform to promote Steemit, and 3. he actually did a great job of giving a brief explanation that lay-people can understand. It's obviously not true that if David had simply posted an image of himself on the toilet he would have earned the same amount ... unless the humor of the photo was sufficiently high (which it might have been ;) ). I stick by my statement, we simply have different definitions of what makes content "awesome." Even you agree that David is going to add a ton of value to the platform, and he demonstrated that with this video. Had he just posted an image of himself, Steemians would have seen through it as just a shameless attempt to make some extra cash. The very fact that you appreciate his potential value after watching his content disproves your point.

I was never disputing that there was no 'awesome content' from David (though I can't rate politics high on everyone's awesome radar - no matter how simplified). I was pointing out that the same does not apply if you DON'T already have the name.

There are countless posters here who are walking away because their awesome content just isn't recognized. @erh.germany for instance. She wrote a powerful piece on her perspective of steemit which only made a few dollars. (There is 2 days remaining if you care to read it.. and, as a stakeholder.. reward it).

It's subjective what awesome content is - so it's not king - plus it's not automatically recognized. Also to be realistic, I do agree with your 3rd rule: 'explanation that lay-people can understand', does get processed easier. Thus a reader feels compelled to reward. The level of @erh.germany's word usage is probably way higher than most would comprehend. Many may find it overwhelming. It's conforms to your rule 1 though: High production value.

This is also why elsewhere I suggested that steemit and users would benefit from a section for: Intellectuals and Professionals. Rather than just the tag method. Obviously like how Reddit does it. The option for communities to exists within the greater community. This grows niches and overall the entire platform.

I disagree with this though:

Had he just posted an image of himself, Steemians would have seen through it as just a shameless attempt to make some extra cash. The very fact that you appreciate his potential value after watching his content disproves your point.

@dollarvigilante himself admitted that his intro here was lacking substance. Yet it blew up. I actually don't care for David's content after watching a few videos. They are much too simplified and he has a clear bias. I still see him as positive though, for his ability to attract more users to the platform.

@o1o1o1o Great to hear that $250 in one week just from a couple of hundred followers.

Keep it up

Glad to have you here! I think having an influencer like yourself here is only going to help SteemIt grow even faster.

I think you have definitely picked the right place to post your content. You will have an attentive audience here and you will also earn some great rewards, both personally and monetarily.


I think you've come to the right place David,
I would recommend reminding the audience that you do bring over that this platform is still early in its development and that they should not judge it as a final product. However, that it is also exciting for precisely that reason as they can be onboard as early adopters and co-creators of a whole new ecosystem of applications for interactions on the web.

I am grateful for your work and happy to have you here! Hopefully, you can benefit well from the emerging stream of new apps being built on steem to share your content.
Steem on.

thanks very much, appreciate it!

Totally would love to see that the more public and changes to steem and steemit the better for all. (Just saying I was totally waiting for that Janga to fall over lol)

Steem seems very innovative. I think this is going to be big as it runs on the blockchain and rewards users with tokens. Good job

Great video David, many thanks for your contributions on steemit

Much looking forward to seeing more of your content! Great to have you on board

Welcome to steemit, I'm sure your going to do great here!!

I am very glad you chose steemit! We are happy to have you!

Good start ;)

I'd watch an interview with Ned!

Welcome to steemit. I've seen a few of your videos, followed.

Thx for sharing

@ned You really need to do this!

great news, YT's days are limited the way they are penalizing content providers nowadays

Welcome @davidpakman to Steemit! Love to have such a great Show man in here I'm in the same Show way specially for Spanish Community, so will be great to learn from your experience. Steem On!

Ok thats great. With pleasure!

Great platform. Upvoted and Following.

Thank u for promoting Steemit to your audience on YouTube. I will be following your blog now and look forward to more. The more ppl that learn of this place the better it is for us all. This site has been of amazing value to me and im so glad I finally took the plunge. Cheers 😎

Thank for supporting our community with quality content and new users!

Hi David, good to see you here!!!

This is very interesting. Thanks again for sharing this movement message with us! :)

I watch you EVERYday...
Now I can watch you on my favorite platform! Welcome fellow steemian.

Love steemit!! Greatest Invention ever!!!

David, I look forward to more content from you! We definitely need to attract more people to the SteemIt platform.

4666 views from other sites :O wow! Welcome to Steemit @davidpakman DarkflameStudios from YouTube here. Its been a year and I love Steemit!!!

congrats bro upvoted and followed

Welcome. This is great! Any support and contribution to this platform is welcome :) I'm super excited for you to be part of this awesome community; you have yourself a new follower :) (let's get @ned on your show). Best wishes, - @splendorhub
@splendorhub logo.png hello there! check out my posts and please give an upvote and follow! thank you very much.

David, I'm am new to Steemit and plan on following your channel.

My first day on steemit. I am motivated with your post. Will keep on posting.

Pretty succesful for being one week on Steemit, congratulations!

I love to watch the show

Hey Dave I liked your video just a little snipit of whats availble I like the beverity...

Old iconic World was down by worldwide steem# révolution peace for us. DW#Coming soon

Its great to be writing my very first comment on steemit. I'm very excited!

Hello Fellow steemians!

Nice post....only if I can make it to $1.00 but it seems so hard....

Welcome to the steemit community. It looks like based on your current post that you are getting a great start here. I'll put you in my small circle as well. Jenga blocks are awesome!steemimg.gif

Thanks For Information. Nice

hi! i'm new in steemit and know nothing how to earn from this. it's a big help for me if anyone would share to me how to start earning.
maybe i should have to read all the info here.Thank you

You probably shouldn't be posting on other people's posts asking for help. You can get some good starting info on the steemit FAQ, and on the help channel at

You gained another follower for me! Looking forward to growing the Steem platform to be much more than it is now!

Here I go. I was introduced to Steemit two days ago. This learning journey is going to be fun..

cooleo - I think you have chosen the right platform :-)

Hi @davidpakman , great to have a steemit-show! Fantastic!

I think it is really a chance to create and alternative network here. I'm more on the documentary filmmaking side - but with joint effort - a Steemit-Channel is possible, I believe.


we are follow me.i well follow you

Plz im a new girl on steemit friend plz vote me up no body voted me sinc 2 days im very sad for my steemit id .thanks

nice keep up the good bring @ned to your channel
best wishes from my side @davidpakman all the very best

Fascinating News..cannot wait...I have UPVOTED, please UPVOTE ME...Very Interested in Cryto Currency Webinar on 15th November- looks interesting :-

Really fascinating news almost all community is looking for