📈 Daily Price Report Steem, Steem Dollars (SBD), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Jan 11, 2019

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Detail of STEEM, SBD, BTC & ETH

Price in USD0.26076480 USD
Price in Bitcoin0.00007148 BTC
Price in IDRRP 3,667.4
24 Hour Volume877,950.93 USD
Market Capacity80,415,360.66 USD
Available Supply308,382,673.45 STEEM
Total Supply325,356,767.45 STEEM
📈 Price Change in 1 Hours-0.67%
📈 Price Change in 24 Hours-6.54%
📈 Price Change in 7 Days-7.19%

Price in USD0.73341380 USD
Price in Bitcoin0.00020104 BTC
Price in IDRRP 10,314.74
24 Hour Volume101,629.31 USD
Market Capacity8,488,483.69 USD
Available Supply11,573,934.80 SBD
Total Supply11,573,934.80 SBD
📈 Price Change in 1 Hours-0.14%
📈 Price Change in 24 Hours-5.35%
📈 Price Change in 7 Days-2.32%

Price in USD3,686.00 USD
Price in Bitcoin1 BTC
Price in IDRRP 51,839,945.31
24 Hour Volume6,147,330,429.48 USD
Market Capacity64,415,870,137.68 USD
Available Supply17,475,812.00 BTC
Total Supply17,475,812.00 BTC
📈 Price Change in 1 Hours-0.20%
📈 Price Change in 24 Hours-3.66%
📈 Price Change in 7 Days-3.66%

Price in USD125.82 USD
Price in Bitcoin0.0344886 BTC
Price in IDRRP 1,769,501.38
24 Hour Volume2,897,679,467.67 USD
Market Capacity13,124,526,233.93 USD
Available Supply104,313,796.34 ETH
Total Supply104,313,796.34 ETH
📈 Price Change in 1 Hours-0.98%
📈 Price Change in 24 Hours-6.46%
📈 Price Change in 7 Days-17.73%

Price and Data Source: Coin Market Cap


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