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RE: Steemit Engineering Update: Cost Reductions, RocksDB/MIRA, Condenser Split

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You guys did a great job by removing our views, so that we authors have no more a clue about how many people watch our posts. Why not continue this philosophy on the images? You already made a step in the right direction by reducing image quality to 1% of the original, but why not go the whole way? By completely removing images you would save even more costs!
I already use when I want to present high quality images to the 2 or 3 voters that come by my posts. It's completely free. And you don't have to power up. So for authors with small accounts with little RC, this would be a nice solution.
Just my 5 steems.

Just fyi don't confuse with

And don't click on this last link...


You did? I warned you!


Now that Hivemind is live it will actually be easier for us to add back view counts. View counts are extremely easy to game, but with Hivemind we could make adjustments much faster. At some point we do hope to get to that feature, we're just very busy now focusing on our priorities. But thanks for the feedback!

Nice to hear somebody isn't sleeping up there. But don't wait to make this place liveable too long. According to @arcange 's data, this platform has only 2-3 months left before it's dead:

If I understand him correctly, @kingscrown has resorted to a desperate post like this to see what feedback/impact he has towards his 'audience', by lack of views:

If you are unhappy about the pic size on steemit, why don't you use steempeak as an inteface? Or be creative and use Which you do, and a small rant is always fun.
Are you from Vienna?

Let's not make things more complex than they already are. And no I'm not from Vienna, but considering moving east of the border over there.

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