Thanks for the info. I had coded a fix for this a while ago but totally forgot to pull it into production. Should be fixed now! I have set the minimum weight that the bot can vote at 0.5%, which is what lower votes give anyway.

There is a need for queuing requests in a way that it doesn't exhaust the voting power below 50%. Yesterday it was around 20% and obviously it wouldn't satisfy people to use it over any other renting bot like randowhale. Also one user shouldn't be able to take away a lot of voting power for itself. Some suggestions so it wouldn't lose the competition with other bots :-)

Hey I promoted my post with 10 sbd and only get 3 sbd upvoted, this is not fair vote

I have had the exact same problem a number of times. This bot really needs a lot more SP if it's going to be able to meet the demand...