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RE: Ned is Now on Space Force 1 - New Contest 1k Steem in Prizes !

in #steem5 years ago

[email protected],you hired me into the music department as a space force member and i havent been able to accomplish my musical career due to insufficient gears, so i would be happy if you give me some steem to achieve my musical career,and if you cant afford that,kindly help me to convert my steempower to steem,and i would be happy if you increase the amount of liquid steem that would be sent to me due to low present price of steem,so as to accomplish my musical career,you are the only one that can do this for me, thanks.


done deal, I boosted you to SF5 since you are on the music team!

Thank you very much boss of all bosses @dimimp. I appreciate the cash out you gave to me.
But sir you said I was boosted to sf5 but air you don't pay me for sf5 sir. I know it a mix up and you will surely rectify it sir. I will be waiting for your response about iT sir. I know you are always a man of your word and you will keep the promise sir.

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