How to talk about Steem to outsiders?

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Over my time here on Steem I have created quite a few accounts for my friends and students. A few of them are still active here.

But now I'm hesitant to evangelize about Steem because I no longer know how to talk about it.

What can Steem do for its users today?

It used to be that the value proposition of Steem along the lines of Social Media That Rewards Its Users. And so a lot of people flocked to this platform hoping to make money while creating and curating content.

While it's still the case, we all know that the rewards most users get are very small unless you have a lot of Steem Power.

But the way to get a lot of Steem Power is no longer from engaging on Steem but investing in Steem.

In my experience, today you can only grow your account effectively by buying a lot of Steem and powering it up.

If you look at my account, you will see that I have done this myself.

If this is the case, I don't want to be anybody's personal adviser and recommend to buy Steem. It's risky and everyone should make this decision to invest or not to invest themselves without anyone pushing them.

I know this month we have this mass onboarding challenge but I'm hesitant to participate in it because I don't know what promise Steem can make to its users today. How Steem is better from other social media platforms? How is it better from other crypto platforms?

I know about upcoming SMT's but this is still a risky proposition because each token will have to prove its value on the market.

Therefore I don't know how to talk about Steem to potential new users.

Do you have any thoughts on this?

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This is quite disappointing; I still don't understand how it all works - I find it very complicated - but it seems to be defeating the purpose to have to invest in yourself in order to do well. It has nothing to do with merit and there's no satisfaction in that. Why isn't something done about it? Thanks for sharing your concerns.

Maybe HF21 will address some of its issues...

It might actually be difficult to convince someone to join steemit. I remember trying to convince someone sometimes ago spemding hours explaining steemit and steem but it seems majority is still yet to even understand what cryptocurrency and the system is

Yes, we are not at the point of mass adoption yet...

I feel as you do. I'm just marking time to find out if anything will improve.

I'm not sure when this HF21 will take place with all those changes.

I signed up for news bulletins on HF21 in 2017 but nothing has progressed. To be honest, I wish they do it bit by bit after the HF20 fiasco. (Or just leave everything as it is for now and concentrate on recruiting new members.)

Yes but we've seen many new members leave for obvious reasons. So they have to solve user retention rate challenge too before attracting too many new users. They say the new HF will enable smaller accounts and content discovery more because curation rate will be 50/50. It will be actually worth to manually curate and not sell your vote to bots.

Ohhhh... well that it is so bad... for the smallest like me... ☹🤔

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There is always a strategy of investing part of your earnings into bid bots. This is how you grow faster. But you still have to produce good content and engage with the community.

you're absolutely right.
And after the HF21 it will look much worse to get some rewards, it's going to kill the middle-class and will drive users away.
Have a nice day

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It's too early to tell what the effect will be, I think.

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Maybe a bit off-topic but the picture is so beautiful.

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It's just the skies above my head... Anyone can take such picture.

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I understand that. I was just amused by the rich blue colour in the sky. More often than not we don't get blue sky in the UK so that's why we get excited when we see it.

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Yes, when I visited London last year, I saw that the blue skies was a rare thing...

Looks like steemit talks only through the games. Yes whales don't give rewards anymore, everyone just invest to steem power and then invest the steem power... I try to talk introducing steembay and my token rmsfitness but it is a long journey. You got some rmsfitness token.

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Thank you! Let's hope for the best...

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O don't believe in hope only in hard work!)

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Good attitude!

Is there a final date on HF21 now @organduo ?

Not sure. Check out steemitblog for this.

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