Onboard New Users at the Next Blockchain Event You are Attending!

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In our hustle to onboard new users on STEEM, we have so far enabled @Share2Steem and @DTaste setup their Sign Up facilities using our API. Our team has been discussing about other unique ideas on how to onboard users on STEEM. We have come up with a plan to target potential users and investors at Blockchain or Cryptocurrency related events and even small meetups.

Apply for an Event Voucher: https://join.oracle-d.com/apply.

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All of us on STEEM including huge stakeholders are in the Blockchain business. Hence, we tend to attend blockchain events to gain more knowledge about the space or get latest updates on the new Projects and DApps. We have attended 3 Major conferences in the past two months -

  • South East Asia Blockchain Summit
  • Steemfest 3
  • Decentralized 2018

Attending these events made us realize that there is enough opportunity to onboard many users on STEEM. As they are already interested in the technology, they will be able to grasp the whole ecosystem quickly. We have already helped hundreds of Indonesians come onboard during our trip to various universities and events. We got the chance to even onboard @aspekti ( The Association of Indonesian Telematics Companies and Consultants) and its officials on STEEM. When you show a potential user or an investor that you can get started in a few minutes with bare min details like email id, then the impact is huge. Also the human touch during physical events add on to the final conversion.

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Do you plan to speak about steem at a crypto event?


Are you going to onboard new users during your next local Blockchain/Crypto meetup?

We are happy to announce that now anyone can use our "Onboarding Event Voucher" to get free Steem accounts. You can apply for the voucher here by mentioning your contact and the event details: https://join.oracle-d.com/apply

Please check it out and let us know if we can help. Anyone talking about STEEM is invited and have our support.

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is a new STEEM blockchain business venture bringing new investment into the ecosystem. Founded by @starkerz and @anarcotech, we previously were co-founders of the #promo-steem and @steem-ambassador projects, and we developed the CAMPUS curation system, which is a fully decentralised system for distributing rewards.

Core Mission

We remain apolitical, and our number one goal is to raise the price and utility of the STEEM blockchain, improve culture and education about the blockchain, and create opportunities which support exceptional quality content creators through collaboration with investors and clients. In other words, to add as much value to the blockchain every day as we can.

Account Creation API

If you are a DApp owner, your might be interested in our new account creation API. It helps small DApps with little SP or RCs to create their own sign up process to onboard new users on the Blockchain. You can read more about it in this blog or directly go to http://go.oracle-d.com/acapi to register. It is available only for the DApp owners and not for the regular endusers.

How to support us.png
You can support us in the following ways:

  • Go to our campaign's link given above and donate to us. The funding we get will be used only to cover the expenses of the events we will attend to attract more investors.
  • Upvote & Resteem this blog and spread the word about Oracle-D and our campaign.
  • Support our writers and their content which will ultimately empower quality on the STEEM Blockchain.
  • Join our curation trail in SteemAuto to maximize your curation rewards.

Upvote @Oracle-D witness by going to https://steemit.com/~witnesses

or directly through SteemConnect

Any kind of contribution is much appreciated and thank you for being a part of this Journey! Also, please do not hesitate to connect with us for any kind of collaborations that can help the STEEM Community grow.

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Connect with us at the following:

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This is an amazing motivation to me as we turned our research/writing hub to a Steem hub. We are poised to host weekly meetings to University students who come for research assistant. I'll look that up ASAP. I keep seeing a future in Steem.

With @writeandearn, we present steem DApps as a reward endthat can add value to all writers. @Oracle-d can also support our project.


@Writeandearn is a project headed by @Uyobong with support from non-steemian investors. The Write&Earn Foundation is dedicated to giving a future for all local-stucked writers and indigent students. Our message is that "a future can be built with writing".

THIs is great! And we look forward to working with u on new sign ups

Thanks this could come in handy when I attend th next extinction rebellion meeting - given that there's a general mistrust of govts and corps I think there'd scope to onboad people!

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That sounds fantastic @revisesociology. Look forward to ur activities on this!

Although in relation to what you were saying in discord last night I'm not sure how much 'value' the dreadlock crew can bring to the blockchain, but there's definitely some kind of synergy potential between the environmental and blockchain movements.

We'll see I guess!

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Absolutely there is. Maybe you can contact me on discord and we can go into a few more details about you project. There is value in everything, its just how we capture it that makes the difference.

Will do.

I just accidentally upvoted my own comment oops.

I think there's more scope with 14-19 tuition for formal education, something else Im interested in.

I'll catch you in Discord.

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We desperately need to reduce the friction of signing up. I'm claiming some accounts that I will try to give out when I find people. Are there some good guides for them to get started? They need to do things like change the keys so they are more secure as I would have had the keys first.

There's also something like this: https://steemfounders.com/

Hey, that's a cool setup!

With this link the only info we get about the user is their email. We don’t get their keys

I agree that we should aim a more easy account creation. Thats why Oracle-D offers an API for developers to integrate an easy registration into their own Dapps. https://go.oracle-d.com/acapi

Also @anomdasoul will have a great onboarding edu system set up with his @steemonboarding project

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This has been fixed. You can now access the link.

Wow its a great for us cause another brightness wait for us and our blockchain community. Thanks @oracle-d

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Hi there,
I've just upvoted this post
A small contribution from me, to help the steem community to thrive ;)

@oracle-d, Yes team, it's really important to attend the Blockchain Events to understand and to collaborate with the fresh and promising ideas and inturn on boarding them on Steem Blockchain.

And i really want to appreciate the Voucher System and in my opinion your efforts to improve this Ecosystem is really boosting and inspiring many for sure. So, keep up team and let's take Steem where it is predestined to be.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you so much @chireerocks!!

Welcome and keep up, for sure efforts Initiatives of you'll and efforts are bringing more value to Steem Blockchain day by day. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

Hi @oracle-d, thank you for the noble efforts and this is really cheering since we as team Uganda are looking forward to throwing a bloggers' party in the nearest time and we believe this will attract several writers from the different writing clubs, it will be really stunning for us to onboard new users instantly, woow!!!.

Cheers OD

Awesome @ireneblessing!!

Another innovative way to bring new members into the blockchain community.

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Absolutely @hornblende!!

That's the spirit! Keep utilizing innovative ideas to convey more investors and users to the steem blockchain. Go @Oracle-d!

Thank you very much @oracle-d, even though your team is already busy but your team is always trying to give new users to STEEM, so far your team has activated @Share2Steem and @DTaste to setup their Sign Up facility using API. Your team has also discussed other unique ideas about how to make onboard users at STEEM. We thank you once again because your team has worked as much as possible to help the Steemians even though your team is busy.

I hope i get the voucher and @oracle-d how can i join you in a way to contribute towards the team.?

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Just apply through the link

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Its really nice attempt to present the blockchain community.

This is a great idea in my book! 😀

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Thanks @stackin! Much appreciate ur support!!

I love attending blockchain and crypto events and this idea is killer...I will keep signing folks hehehehe.

There aremany crypto guys I meet who i tell about Steem and they promise to read more(which I guess they dont hehehehe).

I will now be able to sign up immediately then mentor them and obviously help them buy Steem from exchanges!

Thank you @oracle-d,Thanks for what your team has given to help make it easier for Steemians to contribute to Steem Blockchain to date. We feel helped by the @oracle-d team, and with this we can also find out more about the knowledge of stealth blockchain.

:)) great to hear from u

It is a wonderful service. I wrote an article in Japanese.


This is a brilliant initiative. Just some few weeks back (end of October to early November), we held our second edition of Steemit in Nigeria (sin2) event. Which was one of the biggest steem-events in the Afican continent, and saw the participation of hundreds of young individuals who are enthusiastic about the blockchain space.

Hopefully, by next year's event, we'll get Oracle-d on board the flight.

Nice one guys. @starkerz and the entire team, you are all doing a great job