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RE: Boost Your DApp - New User Onboarding API by Oracle-D

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Hi @oracle-d !

First of all, I'd like to say I discovered your application speaking with P.Pro on Discord, who has been of great help. I'm impressed with all the efforts you are putting into Steem promotion and the innovative idea behind your model.

It's an honor for us at @share2steem to be able to work with P.Pro and oracle-d in general (even if we're not really in the same league, neither in the same kind of activity, but our main goal is the same, promote Steem and attract people to it, and everything that follows a wider adoption) and we hope to be worthy of the trust you are placing in us.

We should begin really soon to create accounts directly on our website - friday tops - (using your API), and I think it's a wonderful idea to allow little apps to be able to "tap" into your account claiming capacity. I talked with P.Pro about this, and I second him : the API idea is really the best way to handle this, as it allows independence for the apps using it (integrating it freely in their website), while letting you in control of the "quality" of the accounts created, by selecting the apps who have access to it.

To conclude, thanks a lot for this great initiative that I think will be useful for numerous "young" apps, and thanks for giving us the first taste of it !


Thanks @algo.coder and @sebbbl for creating @share2steem - A gateway DApp between social media channels and Steem. It's an honor for us as well to have you onboard with us. We are really excited to see how this API can help apps such as yours. We agree with you 100% on the fact that even though our Project models are different, expected end result is the same - Make Steem reach to the masses.

I hope this API will help you in your mission and solve the Steem Adoption problem, please keep us posted with the developments. Cheers!

Sure we will. @algo.coder is hardly working on it, should be ready very soon !

this is surely one of the awesome collaboration i seen on steem. well done folks.

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