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RE: Quitters never quit at quitting - Dmania is no more

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I feel like I don't have enough time to get involved in every drama on Steem hahaha. But I will say that decentmemes and meemit look more up my alley. If I ever meme though, I'll probably just use steemit. I'm still on the fence as to why I need another platform for what's already doable. Incentive? And risk 20%+ of each reward at the roll of the dice that I'd get upvoted? Nah.

I think wise people pick and choose their opportunities.

The whole situation was too shady for me. I'm not even saying he didn't have a right. But he can't handle the war and negotiations of decentralization. I think a lot of people forget that decentralization doesn't mean lack of rules- it means lots of different people's different rules.

Without people and being a snot about suggestions doesn't make a friendly supportive userbase either. Most users end up being bottom scrapers, and they'll move on to the other platforms. Worse yet, there's evidence of bottom-scraping from the founder.

Don't do business if you can't do business?

Steem has 3 meme donut stores, 1 down. I guess folks don't like shady donuts?





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