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RE: Solution For The Stalemate Situation!

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It sounds good but Sunny will not agree on this.
You presented it like steem bought Tron blockchain and not the opposite. We're as a community are broke and in no position to put ultimatum demands. And freezing funds will not help either.
And please, don't start with steemit is not steem.
Don't get me wrong, though. It's a good and viable proposition.


The blockchain was not purchased.

It is still decentralized and can fork at any time as it is not "owned" by any one entity.

As for the above proposal, it is no "ultimatum", it is an amicable solution that offers everything that is needed by everyone involved.

The biggest winners in it are of course the biggest stake holders, if we look at it from a financial viewpoint.

Yet, the biggest winner will be the person(s) who not only save face, but earn respect from doing it.


Most importantly in my viewpoint, the people who have expressed themselves in that they wish to use both blockchains will be able to do so, without the unnecessary squabbling or negative vibes!

PS. I am only answering questions put forwards to me over the past 2 days.

Not my job to communicate with those who are the decision makers. So I fully agree with you that I am not the guy to be presenting this to those who can make decisions on it.

Yet at the same time, can't tell those I am in contact with, "ask so and so about it, even if it was a solution to the stalemate that I put together". Those that know me will not take my communications the wrong way.

I'm familiar with the situation.
Both sides are lacking negotiation skills.
No matter how smart they are, they will screw the whole project.

Yeah but a blockchain without developers is dead.. the pre mined development fund is gone... Or am I misunderstanding something. 🙈

We have the DAO (SPS) now.

Too bad those funds were not burned when the opportunity was ripe for the burning and good old hair took advantage of it.

So that ninja mined stake with an evil omen on them are absolutely irrelevant as far as our future development goes.