Solution For The Stalemate Situation!

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We have seen history in the making as far as the alt scene goes.
Where people stood up to 'the money', where a crystal clear message was made to those who think that money can buy anything and more importantly anyone.
This is definitely the first time in the history of blockchain technology, that the existential security of the blcockchain was priority number one and not the “money“.

With SF22.2 we saw the governance of a blockchain utilize an option that was incorporated years ago and in the opinions o many should have been implemented back then in 2016.
The fact is that it wasn’t and many things since then have changed, such as the power down period went from 24 months down to 13 weeks. Maybe then the witness voting option should have been activated and or the other relevant actions needs so as to ensure that the original piece of code have any effect as per its intended cause.
Well, it was implemented with SF 22.2, after numerous announcements that Steem will be moved to the Tron blockchain, that all STEEM and SBD cryptocoins shall be on the Tron blockchain and that will be hooked up to the Tron blockchain.
This was made very clear on multiple occasions and via various means by Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation.

After the legitimate activation of the agreed upon option in the code, we saw an unprecedented abuse of power and other peoples crypto.
What happened was never considered possible by any business morals or ethics. Peoples funds stored on various exchanges was staked (locked up for 13 weeks) and used to vote in fake witnesses on the Steem blockchain with the sole intent of taking over the governance.
This action was obviously done in collusion with the relevant exchanges and definitely proves that no funds are safe when stored on exchanges.
After this event the entire alt scene stood up and shouted in shock because of this horrendous abuse of peoples funds on those exchanges. Many were in shock to see that exchanges were willing to put their reputations in question for something that should not have anything to do with them and their line of business. Some couldn’t believe that the exchanges would risk their licenses with such an abuse of private funds.
What didn’t really surprise anyone were the actions of Justin Sun. As he had done similar acts on the Tron blockchain prior to this. Abuse of funds that were never to be used for voting on governance.
This so called illegitimate “SF or HF22.5” that was implemented by these illegitimate ‘sock puppet witnesses’ was nothing but an abuse of power.
Now, why was it 22.5 and not 22.3 or 22.4, well, from what was understood, the people implementing it for whatever non business related reasons avoided the number 4 at all cost.
It is a ‘cultural’ thing, superstitions took precedence over logical sequential business practices.
As a simple retaliation the majority of real people who were/are witnesses had to revert back to version 22.1 or run 22.5 so as to be able to function as witnesses on the blockchain, because 22.5 literally was totalitarian in nature, in that any witness who was running 22.2 was literally disabled. Again a show of intolerance towards anyone who differs in opinions as a representative of real people who voted for them as a witness.

The real, legitimate witnesses came up with a version “22.4444”, some got creative and made their own versions, again in retaliation to the totalitarian unethical events by those who abused other peoples money on exchanges.

Which today leaves us where we are today.


Unfortunately, I am currently not online all day every day, have many things going on in life, like moving from one continent to another (physically). Somewhat prevents me from my daily activities online. Such is life.
However, what I did manage to see was a question put forwards by @starkerz in one of the many Discord servers out there. Something along the lines of “How can we fix this situation?” (or something to that affect)
So this was my opportunity to throw in a suggestion, which from what I was told, was relayed to some people in Tron and was mentioned on a live broadcasted chat in one of the community radio programs.
Which has gotten a number of people asking me about it.
So here it is:


TRX needs a heck of a lot more tx’s done by real live people.
Justin Sun is definitely in a position where his usual business practices will not bring him good publicity in this line of business. The alt scene media is nothing like the mainstream media, to not go into that too much, but you all get ‘the point’.
The Tron blockchain can’t effectively handle the Steem ecosystem, as it is a ‘pay per transaction’ economy on Tron, plus the transaction speeds are not quite the same as with Steem, as just some of the major issues that will be faced in the event that any transfer to the Tron blockchain were to happen.
Steems ecosystem includes an economy that is “fast and free” and this made it unique and to date it has had times when it outdid Visa as just one example in real time transactions.
We Steemians all helped build this ecosystem up. It wasn’t just Steemit Inc. In fact, without us, would be a baron wasteland, probably ranked lower than those websites that have been dead for years and are parked somewhere on some el-cheapy domain parking lot!
If any “integration” were to work it needs to be done in a way that adds the ability to utilize TRX, expand its market without destroying the Steem ecosystem.
In fact, when looked at objectively, Steem can fill in the gaps for Tron. Give Tron and its TRX tokens the best of both worlds.


First of all, TRX must not be listed as a “subtoken” aka “SMT”, this is clear as it would probably be just as unacceptable to those running the show in Tron as what the number 4 is unacceptable to them.

So what else is there to get things moving in a positive and constructive direction?

Well, we already have the following codes:
-Regular price feeds for STEEM/SBD
-Live exchange of STEEM/SBD

OK, so what can we do with this?
-add TRX to the price feeds
-add an additional exchange of TRX/STEEM

How can we introduce TRX onto the Steem blcockchain easily and effectively?

Well, one very simple and 100% organic solution comes to mind. Look at how we transfer funds to let’s say Bittrex.
We send it to that account, have a “code” (memo) and the funds are then in their ledger.
So in this case, we would need one such account on the Tron blockchain and one such account on the Steem blockchain.
Simple, proven to work and without any doubt can be done using existing reliable code.

So How Does This Solve Anything?

First of all, it gives TRX an entire new market out there.
It ensures can be easily and in real time distributed to all Steemians and that Steemians can utilize it within our daily transactions.
i.e. even something as simple as “tipping”, a commonly known fact is that people tend to tip more with alts that are lower in price on the markets.
It will likewise increase the total turnover of TRX and STEEM when being exchanged on the TRX/STEEM exchange that will be available to every Steemian.
ALL of these transactions are adding to both ecosystems in many ways, including but not limited to the tx’s per day.
It also gives all the people on the Tron blockchain more options.
It also gives all the Dapps and Apps out there, on both blockchains more options.
It literally can offer what neither blcockchain on its own can’t do.

Most importantly, the biggest winners are all the people utilizing the blockchains.
The “communities” as we often refer to all our groups of individuals here!

What about Justin Sun and his PR?

Well, I will leave that to the imagination of those who can envision what all this means for everyone involved.

What about the “Witness voting”?

What about it?
Why would Justin Sun want to mess with the above described incorporation of TRX into the daily lives of all Steemians and the further expansion of options available for TRX thanks to it being effectively incorporated into a “fast and free” economy?

I mean, seriously. He has stated many times that he is in it all for the money.
Likewise, he then has more than enough incentive to utilize some or all of that stake that he has access to, in ways that will build on the value of that stake. i.e. “delegations” to projects approved by the DAO, delegating to The Steem Foundation for marketing and further expansion of the new ecosystem in which TRX, STEEM and SBD all work harmoniously side by side, building each other with every transaction made!

Why didn’t I go and present this to anyone, but rather relayed it to @starkers?

I’m no “PR” guy.
My mind works way too directly and has no room for the feely, touchy things. I can negotiate, but not in an atmosphere in which every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to put in their 2 cents worth and run around in circles. I do what needs to be done and am not effective in various situations, such as those that are required for these “group discussions”. Life has taught me how to be effective under pressure, not in rooms with coffee/tea and biscuits/cookies. Sorry, but that is my reality and I admit to my short fallings in that area.
So, NO, I am not the person for the PR job in this arena.
Put the notion forwards and it should if nothing else give incentive for some people to see that even with a fork or multiple forks, there is no reason why Steemians should lose out, nor Tron.
Where there is a will, there is a way.

To once again, stand by these words, my actions are the following:
My witness server is now running 22.1 and not 22.4444.
Unfortunately, some people have misunderstood that action and think that it is in some way directed at entire communities and not as originally clearly stated at the act of collusion and abuse of those involved in the use of private funds on exchanges.
As I have stated before, if we are to move forwards, we must let bygones be bygones and look for solutions that will work for all involved without destroying anything, but in fact building upon them.

So there it is.
A very, very short version of what was proposed and you can chew on what all it can offer everyone involved.

Like I keep saying, “THINK ABOUT IT” & “THINK OUT OF THE BOX”.

Yours truly,

If you want an avatar and other graphics like my “Robotroo” contact @jimramones


Yours truly,

If you want an avatar and other graphics like my “Robotroo” contact @jimramones


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It sounds good but Sunny will not agree on this.
You presented it like steem bought Tron blockchain and not the opposite. We're as a community are broke and in no position to put ultimatum demands. And freezing funds will not help either.
And please, don't start with steemit is not steem.
Don't get me wrong, though. It's a good and viable proposition.

The blockchain was not purchased.

It is still decentralized and can fork at any time as it is not "owned" by any one entity.

As for the above proposal, it is no "ultimatum", it is an amicable solution that offers everything that is needed by everyone involved.

The biggest winners in it are of course the biggest stake holders, if we look at it from a financial viewpoint.

Yet, the biggest winner will be the person(s) who not only save face, but earn respect from doing it.


Most importantly in my viewpoint, the people who have expressed themselves in that they wish to use both blockchains will be able to do so, without the unnecessary squabbling or negative vibes!

PS. I am only answering questions put forwards to me over the past 2 days.

Not my job to communicate with those who are the decision makers. So I fully agree with you that I am not the guy to be presenting this to those who can make decisions on it.

Yet at the same time, can't tell those I am in contact with, "ask so and so about it, even if it was a solution to the stalemate that I put together". Those that know me will not take my communications the wrong way.

I'm familiar with the situation.
Both sides are lacking negotiation skills.
No matter how smart they are, they will screw the whole project.

Yeah but a blockchain without developers is dead.. the pre mined development fund is gone... Or am I misunderstanding something. 🙈

We have the DAO (SPS) now.

Too bad those funds were not burned when the opportunity was ripe for the burning and good old hair took advantage of it.

So that ninja mined stake with an evil omen on them are absolutely irrelevant as far as our future development goes.

The Steem Dollar block chain conversion is gone. The price feed reads in the tens of millions of Steem per Dollar.

I think you are referring to this internal conversion:

What I was referring to is the following:


I agree. We had different mechanisms in mind. I was thinking of what you call "internal conversion." What you meant I call "trading on the internal market."

The published price (which is derived from the witness price feeds) has nothing to do with the market price in the internal or centralized markets for Steem or Steem Dollars. The price feed is used when creating rewards and allowing on-chain conversion by destroying dollars and returning some amount or zero Steem.

The market price can be really different from the conversion price. Right now, any Steem Dollars that was set for conversion will be destroyed without reward.

tbh, in all this negativity flying around, I seriously have not got the energy or will power to watch what I say or how I say it.

My bad as far as the wrong choice of words goes.

The "peer to peer market" is what I found woks best when talking about the selling and buying of STEEM & SBD via the market place shown in the earlier snapshot, just didn't think of that name I used for it when I was typing the post.

Please don't beat me, please don't beat me, I may start enjoying it!

Thanks for making sure there is no confusion on the topic. Every bit helps, especially nowadays!


Indeed there has been a lot of negativity going around.

But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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