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RE: That day I got a downvote and turned into a crazy maniac

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Here is my down vote story sad but true. :) I'm a very small fish around here. I used my first down vote the other day. I joined in with about 20 other individuals to down vote a post that looked to be overvalued. Not a bad post. In fact it was similar to one I had running at the time. It was just garnering about 30x more then mine. Maybe frustration got the better of me, but retaliation by this individual was swift and my little $2.00 post was wiped out.

So I am not sure that I should be trying to down vote anyone. I get the feeling maybe I should just stay in my own lane and leave the down voting to the professionals. :)


Yeah, that tends to happen, but retaliatory actions will only hurt the one's reputation who's engaging in such activity. Don't hide in the corner, this is a team effort. No active participant can avoid taking a few hits.

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I'm definitely a little gun shy right now but will probably jump back into the fray at some point. :)

One option is to delegate to @curangle. Then you can suggest posts to downvote in

Good info. I will look into that. Thanks!

Oh shoot! I made an typo, meant @curangel. So you can delegate to them, then curators look for posts to be upvoted by @curangel. 20 percent of the curation rewards go to curators and 80 goes to delegators. Then as an extra feature delegators can suggest posts to downvote.

That's funny cause I read it as angel the first time anyway. :)

And this is the countering I was discussing, that return downvote is revenge and the community should rally around to counter them.

I’ve gotten quite a few of them myself but luckily it doesn’t wipe me out.. but yeah returning a 20cent downvote (in my case) with $15-$20 seems a bit over the top 😄

I want to thank you @justineh for this post and a chance to tell my story. I also want to thank the community for their support in this matter. :)

We are all in this together 😉

Just gave you a solid up vote to encourage you to jump back in 🙂

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Thank you! Real life has kind of got in the way right now plus I hit a bit of a posting wall, but I will be back. :)

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