Steem skyrockets to $1.03

in #steem2 years ago

Maybe we will some day see Steem all the way back at $1.50

Maybe we will even be as high as the Dogecoin....

That would be great !!!

We can dream right ?

Go Steem Go !

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Very useful posts @offgridlife, very good information, thank you for the information my friend ... 😊😊

Thanks ... hoping Steem can continue to go up. It seems like the most useful crypto currency to me.

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I have been trying to understand the
Power Up
Power down.
I have not done either of these.
With steem going up is this a good time to power up.

I never ever Power down... I want to keep everything on Steem Power so my Votes are worth more.

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Power up your Steem to Steem Power.

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It is always a good time to Power up .... as soon as you get your Steem Power to $100 you will notice that your Votes are actually worth something

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You can also convert your Steem Dollars to Steem and then Power up - but I am going to hold on to a few Steem Dollars since they are hard to get these days...

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Thank you.(:
I have been
Redeeming Rewards. I hope thats ok.

Yes... Redeem each day... it puts it in Steem and Steem Power... you can go to your Wallet and Power up your Steem into Steem Power... that is what I do every day.

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You want your Steem Power as high as possible so that your votes are worth something .

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I hope to get my Steem Power up to 5,000 so that my Votes will be worth $1 each .... some day

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Yes, that's right, because now if we clamp, everything becomes steem

I was happily surprised this morning to see the price up. The only sad thing offgridlife is that I have a Coinbase ACH clearing Thursday, and I wanted to get some cheep Steem 🙃
Resteemed.........and spreading the Steem word everywhere!!!

Always wish I had more Steem....

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well... I bought $100 Steem on Binance when it was $1.12..... so it is still cheaper than that price.

Thats very true, it just seems every-time I get ready to buy the price is up. Then after I buy it goes down LOL. We are just in the beginning of Steemit/steemit so I am looking long term so thats OK..... Maybe we will have a dip Thursday :)

I like it being cheap. Means.. I can buy some for later value.

That’s True....

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Yes that is the belief that we all hold onto :)