nTOPAZ Private Sale starts today|White Paper is released|The 1st anniversary

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Greetings from nTOPAZ

As of July 16, nTOPAZ celebrated its 1st anniversary. We started 1 year ago as Artisteem, and it was rebranded to nTOPAZ 8 months ago. Over the past year, nTOPAZ has served as a space for creators and has provided about $50,000 in compensation.

And today, we would like to announce some important presentations.

First, We announce today the start of the TOPAZ token private sale. And release the nTOPAZ white paper.

Second, As of yesterday, we have abolished the beneficiary of the existing 15%. Additionally, SP incentives will be applied to @artisteem that have been excluded so far.

Third, nTOPAZ would like to do quantum jump through implementing TNS(Talented Network Service) corresponding to the 4th Industrial revolution era based on talent and know-how. In other words, nTOPAZ challenges to a talented version of LinkedIn. To implement this project, the core developer and dev-team have been organized, and ready to take off.

nTOPAZ White Paper.pdf (EN)

nTOPAZ White Paper.pdf (KR)

Token NamenTOPAZ
Token SymbolTPZ
Token Cap1,000,000,000
Token TypeERC-20
Expected Date of Listing1st Nov 2019
Expected Price of Listing0.02 USD per token

The details for the Private Sale is as follows.

Private Sale Allocation200,000,000 TPZ(20% of total tokens)
Private Sale Period17th July - 31st July
Hard cap$ 2 m
Soft cap$ 500 k
Minimum Investment$ 20 k
Private Sale Price0.01 USD per token

Private Sale CONTACT : [email protected]

Connected with nTOPAZ
Discord|Kakaotalk(Entering code : 1q2w3e)


"In other words, nTOPAZ challenges to a talented version of LinkedIn"

It's really nice to see the Steem blockchain ecosystem evolve! :)

Wish the project luck!

Yes, that's the point. We will challenge innovative human network services.
Thank you @shenan, for your atteniton!

I love this paragraph 😍 Thank you

I think nTOPAZ is an Ethereum token, not Steem

No. nTOPAZ is a SMT-based token and issued as ERC-20 for listing. It will be swapped when SMT is released.

hola [email protected] soy nueva en steemit quisiera que me agregaran en grupos y que me auxilien para mejorar y comenzar a generar ingresos gracias saludos!!!

As someone who really loves all kinds of arts, I really hope that the project will become the next (tokenized version) Artstation/Artfinder. The concept has indeed a huge potential.

Thank you for the update @joeypark / @ntopaz,

Sure, by the way, it's not limited only arts 🤗 We would like to implement that everyone is easy to use nTOPAZ.

Thank you! @dr-frankenstein,
We nTOPAZ respect your vision of potential.

This is amazing, it's great to witness the evolution of a special kind. Iam grateful to be able to participate in a small way. Thank you so much for creating a space for us creators.

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You're welcome 😊 And thank you for interesting in nTOPAZ 🤗 Let's make the better space.

Happy Anniversary! You have had many achievements, now I hope this new challenge, TOPAZ token, will be a great success. We all need it, it will be a great addition to our future and even greater support for the art creators.

Thank you 😊 By the way, nTOPAZ was rebranded for expanding our users. Thus, it means that users can be content creators, artists, enterprises, goods consumers, etc. We would like to implement that everyone is easy to use nTOPAZ 🤗

I'm following you with interest and I hope to be part of it.

I'm following you
With interest and I hope
To be part of it.

                 - bluemoon

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Well, do you think I have talent?

I think everyone has talent 😊

Yes, everyone must have talent but many didn't know.

Happy anniversary @ntopaz, the first of many! Interesting and excited news!
They came to steemit as a project for the artist and they have an incredible vision. Without a doubt, it is very useful!
I'm excited XD

Incredible! Regards!

Hi! @yanes94! and thank you for being with us for the past year.

Hello! More good, Thanks to you @ntopaz! For the creation of this community (the only thing it will do, is to grow more ...) and for allowing me to be with the project, it has been a year where many things have happened, but that is part of the experience.
A brindi for this first year and for those who come.

Right 😊 By the way, nTOPAZ was rebranded for expanding our users. Thus, it means that users can be content creators, artists, enterprises, goods consumers, etc. We would like to implement that everyone is easy to use nTOPAZ 🤗

True, it's no longer just for artists :).
It'll be more than that! Everyone will have more chances.

Being quite an early delegator and daily supporter as an artist, would like to mention that this project one of the best at steemit curating visual art
Glad to hear that finally "White paper" is released and we are going more close to the tokens to reach the market. Truly great news on the first anniversary! Congrats!

Thanks for your activity 😊

Thank you! @axeman,
We nTOPAZ are always grateful to you for your wonderful works.

This is very good news @nTopaz! I wish you the greatest success for this new phase. Blessings and Happy Anniversary 💖🌟

I think so 😊 Happy anniversary @nTOPAZ

Hi! @smeralda! and thank you for being with us for the past year.

It is wonderful news ~ Amazing ~
I hope ntopaz will go on and on ~
It is a just first step to go forward. Maybe as time goes by, ntopaz will lead the world. Congratulations ~ Please show us more your enthusiasm ~~ ^^

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Thank you for continuous supporting nTOPAZ 😊 We will try to do!

Congratulations, @ntopaz ! This is not the easiest time for everyone, but, you are moving forward and it is beautiful! I like the roadmap of your team, and the fact that you stick to it.

Hello @baski, we are admiring the various talents of you and your family. Thank you for your consolation and encouragement.

Congratulations for your first happy anniversary..... I wish @ntopaz many more years to celebrates with your followers like me....
I'm very happy for you and for new token ntopaz!
A big hug 🤗

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Thank you @elikast, for your kind words.

Congratulations for your anniversary, this is an incredible news..

All the best for you and I hope your project can continue improving to brings us and the blockchain ecosystem community the best...


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Thank you! @edgarare1, for your encouragement.

Happy anniversary nTopaz... great future waiting 😀🚀

Yes, we are trying to get the great future 😊

Happy anniversary celebration! 💐🌺👏👏🎉🎉I like this excellent platform very much ~ ~👍
Wish more and more strong! Always support you!💪🍭🤗

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Good luck! I am sure you have good reasons to issue on Ethereum while others are crazy issuing SE tokens.

All the best!

Right, ERC-20 is more friendly with exchanges rather than SE tokens.

Congratulations to your first anniversary @ntopaz.... Hope you grow more and more in upcoming days.

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happy anniversary! wish you better in the future.
And I will increase my delegation if I get enough SP.

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Yuhh for this year was done many things. Unfortunately as I know some of my friends had problems with publishing on NTopaz but anyway this platform great opportunity to all artists to share their content!

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Thank you, by the way, it's not limited only arts 🤗 We would like to implement that everyone is easy to use nTOPAZ.

I love nTopaz!
I trust nTopaz!
I need nTopaz!
Thank you for existing!

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So sweet! 😍
I like nTopaz!
Shine your light ✨

Thank you! @spontaneart, for your consistent love and support.^^

Happy anniversary @ntopaz. Amazing and exciting announcement ...
it must be helpful for all new artiest... Great platform....

Thank you, by the way, it's not limited only arts 🤗 We would like to implement that everyone is easy to use nTOPAZ.

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wow this will be more exciting with new implements.. thank you @joeypark

Unfortunately still sisn't try Ntopaz, but hope in closer future to use it! Anyway happy anniversary!

Feel free to use nTOPAZ 🤗

Happy Anniversary! Great to hear so many wonderful news.
I believe nTOPAZ will be more and more popular on Steemit.
Wish you the big success!

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We also wish you succeed in nTOPAZ 🤗

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congratulations 4 your first happy anniversary..... many more years to celebrates 2gther....
it's an great news thats blockchains playing such an important role in all over d world

best regards

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Happy Anniversary, @nTOPAZ!

Fingers crossed all goes as planned and huge thank you for supporting us artists on STEEM! :)

Hello, @lightcaptured, thank you for your encouragement. And thank you for contributing to nTOPAZ with your amazing work. We will follow the plan step by step and create a world-changing service.

Felicidades!!! un año de puras bendiciones. Alelante @ntopaz.

Thank you 😊

One more step, it's exciting for us be able to be with you and see how this dream and project come true.

Happy anniversary @ntopaz, blessings and successes. 🙏✨🎆

What great news! nTOPAZ continues to grow as a community that supports the platform's talent and opens spaces for everyone. Happy anniversary! Congratulations!

Happy Anniversary!! <3 I wish that this stage be fruitful, full of many joys and good things, nTOPAZ, the best is yet to come!


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It is very nice to see how STEEM is used on an appointment (as an advertising platform) where you can promote your product for minimal rewards.
Очень приятно видеть, как STEEM используют по назначчению (как рекламную платформу), где можно продвинуть свой продукт за минимальные вознаграждения.

jcar토큰 보팅합니다. 더 발전하는 단계가 될 것 같네요. ㅎ

감사합니다 🤗 갈 길이 머네요 😂

Really exciting news @ntopaz:)

I wish you good luck with that private sale, Steem on!

I wish nTOPAZ's prosperity.

Wow!!! Good news! Go go @ntopaz 💪

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Happy anniversary @ntopaz.
The future is ahead of us.

Congrats on the 1st Anniversary. Following and resteemed.

Wooow. Great news. Good luck for all.

Interesting, upvoted ^^

this is considered spam commenting. please stop

Thanks for the post.


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Of this joke of a private sale?

See? Express your true feelings, it wasn't that hard, was it? Don't let anyone intimidate you.

Okay done, thanks for showing me the way. :)

Nice to see the huge interest after 9h with top trending! Good luck!

@acidyo, we are not kidding. You can read this white paper in English.

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Soft cap $500k, $20k minimum investment and erc-20 with a "contact us for sale" meaning no public address that others can verify. Seems like a joke to me. Not a fun one though, I'd bother reading the whitepaper if you hadn't already shown signs of shadyness with the hidden beneficiary cut which many authors lost rewards on. Now this was the cherry on top, 7/10 execution, I've seen sales on 4chan with better effort.

@acidyo nTOPAZ has never hidden the beneficiary so far. We have attached an image related with the beneficiary on STEEM POWER delegation page on nTOPAZ.

Yes that was very clear image explaining it's beneficiary cut, that's why so many knew about it including curators in your own team. Yep.

Good job on "not hiding it" and no mention of it anywhere else on the site.

nTOPAZ curators have been acted with a sense of mission. And nTOPAZ abolished the beneficiary yesterday. Thank you for interesting in nTOPAZ.

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Hey, muchas felicidades, son un modelo a seguir

Good idea. I am very happy for you

You do good work. I wish you good luck)

Has ANYONE donated 20k yet for the minimum investment?

You should have someone proofread your posts and work on your English before releasing something like this announcement. Beyond that, the English of your white paper is horrendous as well. Grammatical errors abound, sentence fragments everywhere, almost unintelligible.

Which exchange site do I trade TPZ?

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Being one of the first delegates and daily supporters as an artist, I would like to mention that this project is one of the best in the direction of visual art.
I am glad to know that "White paper" is finally published and we are getting closer to the tokens to get to the market. Truly good news on the first anniversary! Congratulations

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