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RE: Consensus Reached for Hardfork 17+18! The New Features are Yours on Thursday, March 30th at 11am EST!

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Did I read that right the first Pay Period is now 7 Days?

How is that going to change anything? Most posts make very little in the second pay period. It just seems now it will take longer to get paid if I understand this correctly.

Ongoing payments for as long as the content is up is what we need.


@sneak mentioned that this change is related to scalability in another thread. Simplifying this makes it easier to bound the memory or something.

Absolutely agree. Old posts should be rewarded and brought back into trending if somebody in 2 years finds it good enough to upvote or interact with. The chances are still low, but they should still be available.

This is how content creators make their living. All Youtubers and Bloggers make money off of their content as long as it stays up. That's how you build real income. Getting paid once or twice is no a good model for a content creator and smart content creators that produce quality content know this.

This needs to change.

Totally agree, again. I've said it many times before, the limited payouts create an ephemeral culture - not a long-term forward thinking culture.

Once Steemit grows by multiples it will make huge difference also not locking comments on old threads. That makes no sense. Art does not expire, recipes do not expire, music does not expire. People should still be able to vote, comment and the author get paid perpetually as long as it's up and generating votes.

Not only that it takes away the almost "Instant Money" appeal to get people started today. We live in a culture that wants instant results. There goes part of the appeal sadly for many people. So we lose 21 days of payout and have to wait a week. This to me in not an improvement as a content creator. One can only hope the price of Steem goes up to make up for this.

But I do love that we can have split payouts now.

Agree. I have YouTube videos that are 5 years old that are still being viewed daily (recipe cooking vids) and still earning money daily.
I hope this can be fixed at some point.

That's really the entire point of being in the content creation business, recurring income from a library of work.

If I'm correct, I believe the first payout (at 7 days) is the ONLY payout.
Personally I would love to see a compromise. If we get to the point where users have a true profile page, I would love the option of selecting up to 10 posts for indefinite payouts with the ability to rotate them if I want to. Heck, I've got a couple tutorials on the Welcome Page. It would be nice to have some residual STEEM come in! But I'm not complaining. Hopefully this will reach consensus in the near future.

They should all be infinate payout if Steemit want to bring big name quality content creators on board.

Right now Steemit is almost like a Casino every one hoping Steem will take off and make them rich. That's not a good model for long term success or sustainability.

You think big name bloggers would bring their following to place where they can get paid only once or twice and take them away from their blog where ads pay perpetually?

Only if steem was insanely high price with payouts like they had before they might and then as soon as it dipped they'd go back to focusing on perpetual income.

If steemit wants quality exclusive content and users with followings it will have to make the payout period perpetual in my opinion otherwise it will be used as just an additional place to post content that is already elsewhere.

I think a lot of people agree with you, but the first step in this process is also making it so payouts can scale to millions of users.

Changing to a 7-day payout window (singular) helps push us towards that goal. We can push for infinite 7-day payouts after HF18, though from what I understand, there are more technical hurdles that need to be overcome before it'll work.

That is indeed very logical view. I do like to understand the reasons why this is not the case. Technical? Abuse prevention?

Yes. You can move 7.6% of your SP to another account every week.

That is in fact a good reason! Thanks!

And you can delegate 100% of your SP to another account every week!

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