I like the stake weighted voting, since it is anarcho capitalistic in its nature, as an opposite to 1 vote per person, like in democracy.

I also don't think that we need more witnesses or nodes, as it will be too time consuming to keep track of them.

The problem we have at hand is that one person/entity control too much stake and that that stake was promised to not being used for voting (when Ned controlled it).

I see a hardfork as only solution.

Well, then the same thing can just happen again. You like stake weighted voting for governance? Your rationale?

I think the problem here is that Steemit Inc has a huge ninja minded stake, if they didn't have that then they could not take over the top 20 witnesses.

But Justin did, without the stake...

What? He control the Steemit Inc stake he bought from Ned plus he probably bribed 3 major exchanges into using the STEEM that costumers had sitting (powering it up and voting for Justins ghost witnesses)..

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