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Last 2 days I had a pleasure to participate in CryptoCurrencyWorldExpo conference! I was asked to be a speaker during the first day of the conference and to participate in a panel of experts during 2nd day, to talk about different aspects of blockchain in relation to national regulations.

For now, I only have pictures from my first talk, but good thing is, everything was recorded, so sooner or later I should be able to publish a post with a video from conference :)





Educating people about Steem

Few hundreds of people participate in the whole conference, but also... few dozens of blockchain-related companies. During a conference, I had an opportunity to talk about Steem with people from 4 crypto exchanges.

I didn't get any guarantees, that they will incorporate STEEM and SBD to their exchanges, but they seems to really like the idea of STEEM and all those people were impressed by our community. I am in touch with them... so we will see what will happen - stay tuned :)


This is my first month in the community and I’m in love with this ecosystem already . I love everything about it . I’m still getting the hang of it but I’m learning more and more everyday. I’ve even been studying the steemit overall mission. I am a full supporter 100 % . The future is very bright for this community. There’s nothing else like it out there . I’m getting more and more involved with the platform each and everyday I really want to be apart of this movement. Posts like this one are just a reminder of what’s more to come to this great platform, very inspirational . Thanks for this content!

That is really great what you are doing. Thank you

One day in a decade or so when Facebook is just an extincted dinosaur, we will see what Steem naysayers have to say.

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