I am giving a talk about Steem at Wrocław University of Science and Technology

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Today I am giving a talk about Steem during Startup Bez Tajemnic.

As always I like to show to people Steem and Steemit by example, thats why this post was actually published during a talk, during live demo :)


This part was added after a meetup:








Hej! Otrzymałeś losowo głos za swój post! Jeżeli chcesz uczestniczyć w projekcie związanym ze wspieraniem polskiej społeczności, to dodaj głos na ten komentarz :)
Jeżeli jesteś autorem postu i nie chcesz być losowany w przyszłości, to odpowiedz na ten komentarz "STOP", a zostaniesz dodany do listy "wyjątków".

Będzie jakieś nagranie?

Steem on. The more we are, the better we get.

Mehn!!! You're doing great works @noisy.

One of the things I've come to learn and like about this platform is communities and organising meetups.

For me, it gives me to opportunity to meet new, influential and knowledgeable people, learn, know about the latest blockchain trends, know how the future will look like, contribute my knowledge and opinion, try to make the world more better, know how to be a better version of me, etc.

Thanks for repping steem and thanks for doing this always. Big ups to you. I wish you more success!

Happy Steeming

Good one, am sure they will join after the talk. Certain about that

Meee too :D
But... where is your Steem t-shirt ? :D

Talk was given at Wrocław University of Science and Technology. There was a lot of technical people there. My t-shirt wasn't random. It was like this, a t-shirt which is not easy to get ;)


wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stack_Overflow

This was a message my audience, that I am programmer, a technical guy and I know what I am talking about ;)

What is up @noisy!!
It is cool to see you sharing the Steem love!!!

Everyone must be apart of our community!!! 😉

Interesting :) hope to get message back ^^ i've talked in telegram, tokenika

ale fajny rodak ;)
kozak kolego!

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