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RE: Ned is Now on Space Force 1 - New Contest 1k Steem in Prizes !

in #steem3 years ago

Dear Sir @dimimp,

Below is my submission for the STEEM HIGH contest. It's actually an animated gif of a Steem Coin doing a "Steem High" jump in an ancient court hall. Well, see for yourself -- and wish me luck (ha ha!)




My BLIND DATE Meme Contest Entry

For encouraging me on my STEEM HIGH Contest submission, sir @dimimp, I'm prompted to present a Meme submission as requested by you. Hope you like it. Thanks!

blind date by @ninalex.jpg

Hello boss @dimimp here is my entry for steem high ....



Good day sir @dimimp, I was telling you that I sirpee1 worked together with @ninoh22 team, we embarked on campus steem campaign which was a success, you promoted some members and left some WHY?

I want you to know that the lowest among us are no difference from the highest if you give them a chance and approach them with an open heart.


With due regard @dimimp I deserve promotion and the due additional steem, I was thinking maybe there is now a conspiracy, we started well we shouldn't end it badly, to clear this and to avoid any kind of fighting please sir do the due.
thanks sir @dimimp

You are are welcome dear sir @dimimp. Thank you so much for commending my work.

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