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RE: Steem Is The Most Used And Undervalued Blockchain Of All Blockchains

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You're right when you say that Steemit is undervalued. Censorship as mentioned in a comment below has played a major role in many people's decision to migrate to platforms such as Steemit. At least that was one of the major factors in my making the switch! I value Steemit as a means of becoming familiar with cryptocurrencies and learning how to network with others in a community that is open to new ideas and innovation. This is the perfect place for anyone new to alternative currencies to learn! I have been trying to raise awareness in my own local community by mentioning a place for people to generate income by writing and sharing their ideas here and helping them to discover Bitcoin and other currencies.


That's great you are sharing it with people. That's how we keep growing. It's so much fun and exciting to be part of this great experiment.

I thought so, too! I want to see my friends from other social media sites benefit as well, and as we both mentioned this would grow the site tremendously. I mention it to each new person I talk with and older friends when I see them out. I have told them that it would be great if they could make money from their writing as well and let them know that it's well worth looking into if they want to generate some extra income. Right now I am learning all I can so when they do jump onboard, I'll be able to help.

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