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RE: Currently accounts must have 75 SP to use all of their voting power.

in #steem3 years ago

Posting from this account because my @netuoso account is so far beyond useless it's not funny. Wish I could give you a vote on this post because you are absolutely correct.

At this rate, @netuoso will be unable to transact, in any form, for about ~14 years.

No worries, because @wehmoen has me beat, requiring 287 years to regenerate his RC.

Not sure how things are supposed to work with RC, but my guess is this is not it.


At least they still let you sign blocks. Are you allowed to change your witness settings, or does that take RC?

Looks like claiming discounted accounts made things explode for you, and actually creating them even worse for @wehmoen. That system also looks completely impractical for anyone to use.

Literally cannot do ANY transaction.

Wait, why is your RC so low? Didn't you get debt forgiveness?

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