The Pumping part 2: Electric Pumpaloo (offer closed - delegations given out)

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Edit: offer is now closed, I have given out the following delegations:

  • bat-junior - 1000 sp
  • fbslo - 1000 sp
  • firman - 100 sp
  • super-em - 100 sp
  • - 200 sp
  • whalepower - 500 sp

(pic of one punch man from

Are you new to Steemit???

I am Neoxian, and I want to pump you up!

Yep, it's that time again, where I go around pumping newbies, helping them become big and strong like One Punch Man above.

Ok I have two offers on the table. Please read this post carefully to understand!

First, both of these offers are only for those whose accounts are in good standing, and are not being flagged for spam or plagiarism. Your rep should be at least 25.

The little minnow offer

I will delegate 100 sp to 10 worthy small minnows. This delegation will last for about a month. Your steem power, both native and delegated, must be less than 50 SP. Delegated power is shown in parenthesis.

The big minnow offer

I will delegate 1000 sp to 2 worthy big minnows, again it will be about a month long. Your steem power, both native and delegated, must be between 50 sp and 250 sp.

Please apply below by writing a comment describing the wonderful things you will do for Steemit, and any words of wisdom you have to offer.

I'll will wait a couple of days to let people apply before selecting the minnows.

Good luck and happy steeming!

  • I reserve the right to withdraw my delegation early if you misbehave with your account.


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Application submitted. Please have a look Sir.
Is a future baby whale allow?

  • I am looking for a further delegation.
  • I want to grow.
  • Purpose for the Community Project.

Heh, ok I'll consider you if I don't get too many other takers.


Thank you Sir. Have a Nice day.


Congrats, I have given you a 500 sp pump.


That’s very generous of you @neoxian
1.1K Steem in total = SWEET !

I don't need the delegation just that it is very generous of you! Keep it up!

Really awesome initiative! Even though we don't always see eye to eye, I know there's a heart of silver in there somewhere. :)


Thanks, sorry I was grumpy to you a while back.

Hello Neo, this is wonderful and top awesome offer. I am interested in this offer of yours based on the fact that I have the interest of many steemians in my mind and I have in many ways tried my best to make a positive impact in their lives.

My word of wisdom I can offer to anyone who is a steemian right now is that he/she should be good with curation and try to stay away from plagiarism. The waves and tides in the seas are getting stronger but the fishes keep on swimming. Thank you


Congrats! You have received the big minnow 1000 sp pump!


i need 1000 SP to support my firends community. See my posts and you will' see what i say!!

good job @neoxian You're really a good person in steemit, steemit desperately needs someone like you, I think that's what you do is wonderful.

You are very wise there, after I read your post. But for me the given delegate is a mandate and should go well.
If only I had been chosen for it, I would have supported #whalepower , #satujiwa , and all the good articles. There I saw many small minnows, who needed support.
I really want to support them, but, what is my strength, not like you ....

That would be a good news for minnows! Specially 1000 SP delegation, I have a small proposal to you. Hope to meet you at the Steem Chat Room!


I love One Punch Man

you are very generous, Mr Shark. As always
always giving back to the community, I love that idea. : )

Good post, if I have a big steem power, I will help upvote small accounts. so they are more excited at steemit. Goog job @neoxian.


Application received.


Congrats, I have pumped you by 100 sp!


Thank you sir

Minnows take this offer. Use the POWAH.

Hello, we are new to the community. The support would be great. We do not understand much about the subject, but we like to share real things about ourselves. Things that people like

Great. Application submitted
I would use delegated SP for fighting spam on steemit and for helping to small minnows


Congrats! I have given you the big minnow 1000 sp pump!


Thank you :)

Wooooooooooohhh (Celebrations shouts)
Am I eligible to be a big minnow?

I don't want to change the world, but I am supporting "the cause" of Steemit/ Supporting each other we can do it better, isn't it? Hope you can delegate to me ^^


Congrats, I have pumped you by 200 sp!


OMG! OMG!! Thank you so much! I am abotu to get a plane to Cambodia and I jsut read this message, BIG THANK YOU @neoxian. You won't be disappointed.
Because I am quite new on steemit, can you give me some advice on how to employ your delegation power? :)


Just find worthy posts and vote them up.

Hi I'd like to apply for this. I'm a very young artist, probably one of the youngest Steemian as well. All my family is on Steemit so I joined. @djynn posts and upvotes for me and I think she is doing a good job. My leased delegation was just expired but I would like to keep helping my followers. Any extra SP would be great.


Congrats, you have received the 100 sp pump.


Thank you very much!

I responded to the image.
I love Wanpanman.

Thanks for sharing, enjoy the vote!

Nice post my friend 😘

Im looking to get 1000sp to self upvote myself and my comments, why the hell not?


Err, I don't think you qualify...


nice post and pic
Dont forget to upvote follow & resteem