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RE: Steem Dollar Stability Enhancements

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All these types of things should be made very clear in the interface. The current interest rate should be shown, as well as any award shifts or forced redemptions.


Yeah it would be nice if they showed the interest rate.

Yes... it is also a major selling point that although there might be risk in holding SBD, there is also a considerable risk in having a bail-in in a commercial bank... especially in autumn (September/October)... and there one does not get a penny in interest... only risks...

And the funny thing is, that as always banks are shown in the mainstream media to be solid as hell... while we care much about pointing out 20 times that there is risk involved in this space. In the perception of an outsider we ourselves say we are risky, while the others say that they are safe... with lots of cute capital ratios and stress tests... all bogus in my eyes...

They need to get the advertising revenue coming in and use that revenue for buying back SBD.

I was thinking that we need more ways to consume STEEM other than advertising, which ruins the experience.

For instance? Want to earn yourself an avatar image? It costs XYZ STEEM. This will cause people to spend $20 or something realistic to buy their avatar, either by earning it, or buying it.

The could be created. Owned, and staffed by the blockchain itself.

Virtual products, virtual services, sold by the blockchain, that consume STEEM. This way people who hold value, or can buy value from traditional exchanges, and enjoy these virtual products and virtual services to beef up their steemit accounts with something other than SP.

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