New UPDATE 0.7 for D.Tube has arrived! [720p] - NEOvlog#15

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Hello DTube!

How's it going Steemians?

It's NEO here :)

In this episode of NEOvlog I wish to tell you that new DTube Update 0.7 has arrived and also to start using this platform as soon as possible.

Here is the link to @heimindanger's post: (REMEMBER TO UPVOTE AND RESTEEM!)

Don't waste your time, just take your camera and start doing it!

Thank You D.Tube for giving us this opportunity! @thekyle, @nannal, @mkt, @superkoala and of course The Man @heimindanger :)

You can find me on:

  1. #OneLoveDTube discord server - (also got my own channel there #neo - big thanks to @d00k13)
  2. DTube discord server -

Music: Dj Quads -

▶️ DTube

Such interesting bro @neopch......

Start to using it :)

720p is welcome

Definitely 720p is another level :) Thx for comment.

Bless :)

You got a 5.04% upvote from @getboost courtesy of @neopch!

Nice one bro! Covered some of the things I forgot to cover!

Yeah Man! So far so good :) Bless.

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I will try dtube as soon as possible! 😉

Short but sweet, always charismatic, love it
Can’t wait for the apps


haha :) LIAR! ;) Thx Man! Appreciate for your support and my own channel on #onelovedtube discord server <3


No problem dude, anytime!

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