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My contact details
Telegram @nathanmars
WhatsApp +447901003594
Discord @nathanmars#2708
Twitter @nathanmars7


Holy Sh@t ! As soon as I get down about Steem and these layoffs it's people like @nathanmars that make me realize that I am here for the long term and ain't going nowhere.Matter of fact Iam investing more today and powering up .

And Iam right with you brother @nathanmars. Iam no whale but Iam a dolphin who takes pride in creating high quality Content.

@ned....damn, take @nathanmars up on his offer. PLEASE !! We need more like him. This guy's the real deal !!

I agree, if theres anyone who can make a massive impact it’s @nathanmars

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I truly appreciate your kind words brother and I really mean it !!!

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Steem is incredibly powerful. I 100% agree that DTube is the killer app. More development and better user experiences/education will ensure that in in the coming months.

DTube is the killer app

Quite ironic people use youtube on this page...

P.S. Quick question - are older videos deleted from dtube and just thumb / image left?
Just tried to re-watch some videos uploaded ~6 months ago. They do not start. Is it a time limit or something for videos to play?

Thanks for a wonderful question and feedback.

What makes a killer app ? The community and people then the how innovative the platform itself.

Dtube is nowhere near YouTube. We’re constantly working on improving the platform by bringing new developers, designers and investors. And also by collaborating with other projects and DApps.

If you see the potential of dtube becoming the killer app then please contribute what you can.

As we’re building the decentralised video sharing platform we want to creators to own their data and content. And you can purchase a unlimited storage from

So that you can watch your older videos forever.

We’re working on giving creators the option to upload the videos that stored permanently and even if that option is paid option.

Thanks for feedback and if you’ve any other questions then please let’s talk.

Thanks for a feedback.
Well, there is no such thing as a free dinner ;)

    • it would be worth to add on affected dtube pages that video was deleted due to age/storage costs.
  1. it is not stated what you get for $10 subscription - 10MB, 10GB upload space?

  2. Are $ USD or SBD?

I appreciate your suggestions and we'll prioritise fixing the storage issues.

Regarding the OneLoveDtube please contact @gray00 and if you would like, I can find his contact details and share it with you.

I believe it's USD

Also if you've any other questions and feedbacks or if you need any kind of help then please contact me.
Telegram @nathanmars
WhatsApp +447901003594
Discord @nathanmars#2708
Twitter @nathanmars7

Thanks for your encouraging comment.
If most people who involved with STEEM feel powerful then we can take STEEM to the next level!

Also I do want to lie and say Dtube is killer app at the moment in time and we’ve so many aspects that we need to improve. As we continue to focus on making Dtube Revolution, my focus to build the strong community and create the strong foundation to build the innovative features and make Dtube a innovative platform.

Ps. I talked with Jon yesterday and I’m excited what OneloveDtube going to come up with :)

I appreciate your valuable comment and your time to writing this comment.

Glad to hear that you’re powering up. This is a great time to invest more of your time and energy to show your quality of work and contribution to our community.

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@nathanmars, thank you for sharing this video with us! I've read almost all of the comments and have been thinking about the current situation... Your comments are great. You are a nice and positive person.
Have a gread and productive day, bro!

Thanks your lovely words brother !!

I'm super super excited about the current situation and it's huge huge opportunity for people who think long term.

Warren Buffett thinks in investing time frames of at least 5 years. But his holding period is preferably much longer… “Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.”

I am very happy that you are thinking like this, I believe that the basis of steemit is in us and we should help in a positive way

Thanks for your encouragement!!

If people do something rather than just forming opinions then steem will move forward faster.

Let’s do something and contribute what we can to make this place better for others.

If I am a friend from Venezuela I do not stop working to keep people on the platform and I believe in steem, I am willing to help in the area of ​​neuromarketing for the promotion

if anyone is feeling fear right now, when this is the reaction from people who are big inside our community, you are not opening your eyes!


I don’t have these two words in my dictionary.

  1. FEAR
  2. GREED

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Hi @nathanmars

I hope Ned will get in touch with you and that you exfoliate positive thoughts about the platform and the
way forward with Steemit

We all love this platform and it must only be here for the future

Thanks for your support my friend!!

Let's choose LOVE over FEAR and move forward with STEEM :)

What a great encouraging video response from you @nathanmars. We need more whales like you speaking out to build Killer Apps with together! I hope @ned will take this chance to come together with you! Good to have you here in this hard times!

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I truly appreciate your loving words.

I’m more excited than ever in my short but 5 months full time steem journey.

Prices down and people who only came for money are leaving, Fake entrepreneurs are leaving. What an amazing time to BUILD killer DApp and simultaneously build global inter connected community!!

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you know what i think bro. i support you 100000%.

great offer you made and steem would only grow with you helping even more.

appreciate you.

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I truly appreciate from bottom of my heart brother!!

Thank you for your continuous encouragement :)

Let's win together !!!

Very heartfelt @nathanmars, I hope @ned takes you up on your offer! Thanks for all the support this year!

Thanks a lot brother!!!

We always appreciate your continuous efforts in building a strong dtube community.

Let’s encourage others to be BOLD

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Nathan that was a good move from you and a very true community act with all of your possibilities and man power. I highly appreciate your video response and the awesome positive message within it.

Thank you for being such a good motivator and thank you for being a part of that community!


Norman BIG Thanks to YOU for being part of our amazing dtube community!!!

You contributions and efforts are much appreciated.

Let's build strong global community together :)

And I love you man for the generous and always positive involvement in this community! I hope Ned considers your offer.

We love you too brother!!!

Let's keep on building the community and support the killer Dapps building or let's build our own killer dApps!

Have a lovely day :)

I wish you the best. You look confident, smart, capable. I've done some web design. It's good that people around the world share in common vision, in all of this. Good video.

Thank you so much from bottom of my heart!!

Let’s change the world together :)

Good to know your Web designing skills and Please get in touch to discuss any collaborations with Dtube and other steem based DApps.

I’m planning to do weekly virtual meet-ups to bring all the developers and designers and community leaders together.

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I’m only just studying a degree in graphic design at the moment (1st year) but I’d still be interested in helping in any projects there are 😀😀

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I knew that you’re studying in China but I didn’t know what are you studying..

Now I’m know and thanks for bringing that to my attention.

I’ll keep you updated with my plans for weekly virtual meet-ups for extra ordinary people :)

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Awesome! I’d be glad to help wherever I can 😀😀

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Hey Nathan I just want to say you are building a great community of content creators that believe in your vision. I really appreciate your heartfelt video response and I hope Ned does as well. If we had a few more folks at Steemit Inc like you, this platform would be really rocking right now!!!

I truly appreciate your full support in building strong community !!

Let's take ownership and responsibility and BUILD the FUTURE :)

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