GOOD PERSON TOKEN: Something Big Is Coming From Steemit Inc!

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Hello Nairafans!

Good Person Token! GPT sounds like something out of the sci-fi classic to reward heavenly angels on this blockchain. Oh! Wow! Its real! Its coming soon...

I belong to a telegram group where @Ned personally mentioned this. He cheerily announced how the Steemit's github repository is getting more organized to highlight the projects that are being worked on in real time. Also he gave the impression that many things are being worked on silently...

How would you feel if had a second universally distributed token with account-based voting, individuality verification and super linear rewards curves?
Ned Scott

Did you see that coming? Those are like the magic words we have all been waiting to hear:

  • Account-Based Voting:
    this is an alternative to stake-weighted voting. Individuals are considered as individuals based on the value they have brought to the network rather than on the size of their wallet. This has the ability to halt inequality, whale power abuse and neglect of quality contents.

  • Individuality Verification:
    You know how accounts can be classified into Bots, Spam & Human? Essentially, this will help us to identify humans and reward them for their ingenious works on the blockchain. You have to be a real individual to be able to benefit from GOOD PERSON TOKEN.

  • Super-Linear Rewards Curve:
    Whoop-Whoop! Quality is back baby! This was what we had before the inevitable change to the linear rewards curve. However the addition of the other 2 factors makes the idea much more super!

This is just the beginning fam!

Take a look at this chart personally created by @NED to explain Oracle-Based Smart Media Tokens (OSMT). He chipped in that the whitepaper for this is currently getting completed.


We are actually on the verge of something great. A new system to reward originality, uniqueness, quality, and intuitiveness based on the steem blockchain.

It will be like a parallel universe with steem token. Remember, SMTs are still scheduled to be released in Q2/early Q3 of this year.

I got a feeling...that we are in for a great jolly ride to the bank...



How would you feel if had a second universally distributed token with account-based voting,

individuality verification

I would feel like this:

and super linear rewards curves?
Ned Scott

What does it mean?

Overall it resembles a repentance of merritocracy and a move towards democracy.
Quite opposed to what STEEM is about.
And again, coming from ned and sneak, it is not only suspicious, it is also in contrast to what sneak wrote.

I think this articulates SOME of what I'm thinking (which is not easy to articulate):

"Overall it resembles a repentance of merritocracy and a move towards democracy.
Quite opposed to what STEEM is about."

IMHO, STEEM is broken currently..
When instant registration and communities happen (HF20?) then we see something that actually scales and can be advertised. So for now, I tell people it's broken, and it needs to be fixed, and we are waiting for the "fix".

But I do think this brings up a very good point. It's been Wild West now for a while, we see upvote bots, various things many would say FIX steem in some ways, or alter it so it works, for the time being...

Many call for more "Democracy". (!)
As if this actually works in the real world today (maybe not so far)?

But they have a point, so if Meritocracy is balanced with Democracy, it's balanced with "Wisdom of the Crowd" that really won't want to understand the underlying game theory that well. They just want to participate and see a healthy return on their investment of their time and energy spent.

I can imagine different sorts, and they may give people more of what they are looking for in a feed. Or better rewards when they have many upvotes and so far, no rewards for many minnows.. which obviously needs to be fixed.

A competitor that is truly decentralized, won't really gain competitive edge until it can satisfy all of these user types... And once it does?

Humm.. Danger Will Robinson.

HF20 will not fix anything.
Maybe the minor fix of "instant registration", if it is not instant already, because I read that a STEEM account can be created with a single linux command, and even the standard way, it did not take me too much to register.
The problem is premining, the source of STEEM extreme inequality and it propagates.
Upvote bots are inevitable, and better use them than to complain about them.
I refer only to the ones managed decently.
Merritocracy is good if it is based on good criteria or fair criteria, not if it is based on who joined first and had access to aggregated computer resources.

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Whitelisted Rewards Pools isn’t about STEEM it’s about SMTs.

I did not think or claim that you are about to change the rules of STEEM acquisition.
There will be an additional currency that instead of merritocracy will be managed by democracy.
Am I wrong?

Individualized Rewards Pools can in theory be very much more of a meritocracy than STEEM’s.

If I knew what "Individualized Rewards Pools" is, I might have agreed with this sentence.

Ha, threw me for a loop and had to pick myself up off the floor to make this comment!

i like you @ned, but the fact that you have a whitelist run by steemit inc is troubling. you're incentivizing certain behaviors as you see fit. that's not wisdom of the crowd.

you suggested an idea that GPT can be used as a metric for posts to reach front/top pages. this means you have a centralized system where the rules are defined by steemit inc.

this is not about a diverse range of SMTs. it's about one dominant SMT which is GPT.

Wisdom of the crowd comes from voting by individuals and the super linear curve.

There will be many SMTs

This one is hypothetical.

I could have included several individuality whitelist oracles who compete to publish the most accurate pre Consensus whitelists.

Trending sorting is already centralized as well. Interfaces are run by central operators. The operator chooses how to display trending, etc.

thanks again for replying. yes trending is centralized. steemit could use more people creating many types of other interfaces. but people are already kinda doing it. i like steem. i wish you the best.

btw all my questions are based on a bunch of guesses because obviously i don't have access to details on oracles, whitelists, gpt, and other possible smts.
but oracles competing each other sounds pretty cool. i think i'll shut up now.

I do get this @ned.
And I am for example, a "individual whitelist Oracle, that publishes my own white list". I could share it, as an SMT creator/issuer.

"Whitelist" is also a loaded term. Whitelist includes a hidden blacklist, for example. We don't have to talk about a "blacklist" because the "whitelist" already has been run past a "secret blacklist" that we DON"T TALK ABOUT ;-) (!)

And in fact, "What we don't talk about" is really the most interesting stuff, but it's not politically correct or acceptable often times..
I have many people on STEEM that help me "think about things" and often times, they are not willing to publish on a given subject I proffer...

The "Wisdom of the crowd" has been lost when so many bots "run" the rewards pool. If Steemit would re-tool to make STEEM a more equitable reward (like the theoretical GPT) things would get better much faster and great content creating minnows would not remain minnows forever. We don't need another token, we need a fix for Steemit!

I hope Haejin is not considered a good boy because that mother fucker has been a very BAD BOY on STEEMIT!!!

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You can't get Goodboy Points if you don't support democracy. You wanna be a Goodboy don't you?

You can't get Goodboy Points if you don't support democracy. You wanna be a Goodboy don't you?


lol just joking GPT sounds like Goodboy Points Token. Rewards for normies who hate the whole idea of proof of stake. GPT is a major face palm

@nairadaddy hello, I improved on the infographic, you're welcome to use it if you like:

any chance these Terms get massaged?

I'm happy to change them up! Just let me know what the consensus is! :)

Thanks @Overkillcoin,
That looks quite pleasing to the eyes.
Will include it!

Also, for anyone reading this.

According to the SMT whitepaper.

Once SMT's go live you will still be able to vote on posts/comments with STEEM Power as well as a variety of SMT tokens.

According to the SMT Whitepaper each post/comment has the opportunity to earn up to three different tokens. (This will depend on how the individual app owners configure the post/comment)

STEEM is standard for every post/comment, but there will be the opportunity to earn two additional SMT tokens per post/comment. (For example. STEEM, GPT, and dTube tokens)

Wow! This is a mindblowing addition you just dropped here.
I think I need to reread the SMTs whitepaper.
So much knowledge hidden in there.
Thanks for the vote man!
Followed you...

I didnt see that in you know what page that is listed upon @robert-call?

Page 40 and 41

"STEEM is votable for every post."

"At most two tokens may be specified in votable_assets. This means that each post is voted with at most three tokens (including STEEM)."

Thanks for that @robert-call.

That is terrific. I see it what an oversight.

As long as it is a rewardable token, it can be added to the STEEM....

It seems that SP will translate to anythingon the STEEM blockchain which makes sense...

Yes, SP holders will be still be able to reward any post/comment on the STEEM blockchain. I think a lot of users falsely believe that the new SMTs will make SP obsolete. I think it will only add value to existing SP holders.

It would be pretty stupid for Steemit Inc. to create an alternative system that would devalue Steem, which they own a huge amount of. So I'm sure you are right and that Steem (Power) will get an increased value from this system.

Interesting. That makes getting an SMT token much easier. One may decide not to even border with ICOs and all its SEC hassles. Just Airdrops and you have a usable token already. The presence of account-voting system is another layer. Cheers!

I'm hoping we will see some airdrops for SMTs! I definitely get much more excited about the projects if I get a small stake in it from holding another crypto, so it's a great marketing tool.

Now your 1kSP programme makes even more sense. Its already glaring that SMTs will launch this year. Q2/EarlyQ3 according to @ned. So lets do this!
Followed yah!

Something tell me ned will delay that launch date, steemit is still in beta, what makes u think smt will be on time when they haven't got steemit out of beta?

I can't see that they can delay.

Appics have already completed their ICO and are slated as the first SMT. They're currently on ERC-20 I believe, waiting to transfer across to SMTs once they launch.

The launch of the app is waiting on SMTs and surely they've had some sort of confirmation and assurance from Ned/Steem Inc that SMTs won't be delayed.

SMTs is slated for Q2/Early Q3.
Appics is slated for Q3/Early Q4.
Patience is all we need here.

Steemit being in beta is a thing of the mind. Its more like saying that they are still experimenting to find what will work in the long run.

When they feel like they have gotten to the final product, they will bring it out of beta.

Its independent of SMTs. They will release it soon. Just stay tuned.

Hey! So I'm quite new and absolutely love this idea - It acts as an additional quality curator and further incentivizes genuine human interaction. I have a few questions though,

This is really starting to become a fucking JOKE. Lets keep inventing more currency to add here so people can get flagged & lose rewards on. Not to mention we don't get paid on post that are 1 or 2 cents.

Oh, this is great! I'm really looking forward to get things like dTube tokens, Steepshot tokens, tokens maybe etc. by using the different third party apps in the future.

I'm confused though. Will GPT be automatic? If so then that leaves only 1 available token per post/comment.

The "GPT" tokens would be put into a Reward Pool similar to STEEM. Then the tokens will be distributed by the whitelisted accounts. The amount would depend on the inflation that was programmed into the "GPT" Smart Media Token.

Thank you. But still a bit confused. Above it's stated that every/post comment can have up to 3 coins/tokens. Assuming SBD will always be one of those, will GMT be something attached to posts/comments automatically (if whitelisted). If that is the case, than am I correct in assuming that only leaves 1 additional coin per post/comment in addendum when posting through the condenser.

Further, what about other interfaces like Dtube, Busy, etc. Those would not be at all GPT involved?

No, every post can receive an unlimited amount of coins depending on how many SMTs get created by the community. I could see hundreds of SMTs after the first year which means probably over a dozen tokens for rewards of all kinds (we can't imagine everything yet).

Oh wow. How do you think wallets will be set up? Each coin has to make their own? Do you think there will be a multi-wallet?

It will be similar to Ethereum. One account will be able to hold any amount of tokens. I think Steemit will update Condenser to recognize all of the tokens in your wallet.

No, SBD is just a liability/debt of the STEEM token. So you will still have 2 more additional tokens per post. I'm making a guess, but I think once we get SMT's it might not be too difficult to upgrade to accept more tokens per post or comment. I think 5 would be a nice number.

New white paper will be released next week

woah good to know this differentiation! didn't know that before~

We can't wait! I am salivating already! Steem! Steem!


pretty excited and waiting eagerly for the release.

The only thing about this structure I’m having a hard time grasping is what would make GPT hold monetary value? What’s the incentive to buy & hold that gives any monetary reward? It seems like a perfect companion to Steem to replace the current trending & reputation algorithms, but I don’t grasp how the GPT rewards pool will hold and distribute monetary value.

Even if it has negligible USD market cap.. will it still be sought after? Reddit Karma is at $0 USD market cap and is sought after still.

However, tokens take on value for lots of reasons.

For instance, if Steemit trending were sorted by GPT, would that not give GPT value in how it can boost visibility of a post?

Thanks for the reply! Absolutely there’ll be some inherent value regardless, and I’d love to see a system like this implemented for reputation & content discovery.

However, if higher amounts of GPT have greater influence on trending, we’ve still arrived at stake weighting albeit on a different coin. If GPT balance can be seen as indicative of a positive reputation or contribution to the community, it would seem strange that this could be bought.

I guess in my head, in it’s purest form I’d see something like GPT being a non tradeable asset, a pure measure of a users “social currency” that they’ve earned and not bought.
Only in that way could I see stake weighting of GPT working well, as it denotes and controls a users “influencer” status.

Obviously I’m going off the barest of info and my imagination! The key is in the synergy between GPT and Steem. The right mix will give everyday users a greater voice on the platform, which will then influence distribution of Steem rewards organically.

No matter what, I’m excited to hear more!

Hey @Bryan-Imhoff,
I think you haven't completely gotten the content of the post. Here are the 3 rudiments contained;
1- Account-Based Weighing: GPT will not be a stake-weighted thing. You earn it based on following correct social principles as its name implies. Having more GPT will NOT earn you more GPT.

2- Individuality Verification & 3- Superlinear Rewards Curve
These ones I think are self-explanatory.

I hope I cleared your confusion. Cheers!

"correct social principles "

fucking rofl

I was straying back into the concept of stake weighting just because of the mention that GPT could have a value based on its ability to sort trending content. With account based weight this wouldn’t be the case, as a 1 GPT balance would have the same effect as a 1,000 GPT balance in the same account. In that way I would see GPT as more of a gamification mechanism, as the actual use of it for voting purposes could be achieved with a simple badge system or on/off switch vs. a running token balance.

I can appreciate the value of a GPT like system as a sorting and content discovery mechanism. However I think the monetary value will still rest in Steem distribution. If GPT doesn’t directly distribute Steem, and only distributed itself (more GPT) then the monetary value distribution will only be influenced organically via better sorting & discovery, but will still rest on SP holders to actually choose to vote for the discovered content.

I guess my biggest question is if the blacklist only prevents the flow of newly generated GPT rewards tokens to the affected accounts, or if it also negates their influence on the system entirely. I’m guessing it’s the latter, as it seems to be crucial & necessary. With any GPT holding account having equal influence on content discovery, it would be trivial to acquire and distribute GPT to a bot network.

GPT is interesting and very welcome. However, won't this break the value of STEEM? As I understand it, part of the reason STEEM is valuable, is because users/ advertisers buy it so their posts can reach the top of the feed.

So, how will you guys make GPT coexist with STEEM in a virtuous cycle?

Buying and post-boosting via upvote bots is a fairly recent activity frowned upon by the majority of community members. So its safe to say that that's not what gives steem its value.

STEEM is still the currency of the platform. GPT is just a currency to ensure that users who follow socially acceptable behaviour eventually earn more STEEM.

Steem got its value from tether and upbit. Users of steemit have little to do with the price.

"Socially acceptable behavior" rightly scares the heck out of conservatives ...which make up a good portion of the platform membership. I am guessing this could be a huge train wreck if handled in a P.C. way.

Six to eight months ago selling a vote was a mortal sin ;)
Only a few services existed for the actual / real purpose of postpromotion.

The problem with bidbots and vote buying is not that they exists.
On one hand it has become the only profitable business around, this has increased the demand for delegation leases and drove the price of delegations higher thus drying the organic vote SP pool.

The second one is that we spend too much time working on blacklist, because of the poor use comment and post farmers are giving to the bots, if we spent that time doing a whitelist instead the farmers will go somewhere else or try something different..

Exactly @Ned. Thanks for comparing it with Reddit Karma which is our closest competitor. You are doing a great job! APPRECIATED.

i'm assuming GPT distribution is going to be based on account-based voting?

i'm still concerned because you can have a group of GPT holders to agree to upvote someone. it doesn't have to be a quality post. all you need is a bot (or a whale) to pull together some resources (GPT) and start selling it as a promotion service.

since everything is running on the steem block chain, anybody can create automated services (like bidbots) that is based on GPT. am i right?

i'm not against buying exposure. essentially it's advertising. but it seems like we're gonna have the exact same issues we have right now. visibility doesn't mean quality. it only means steem power? which can be delegated and/or sold?

Bid bots and collusion can violate the Constitution (Expected Behavor Writ) of the oracles’ whitelisting — and therefore those people will be consider “bad actors” and will be barred (not whitelisted) from participation in GPT Rewards

Bidbots are one of the big problems of steemit because they do not go with the main purpose of the platform is to share original content and quality and create projects for the benefit of everyone on the platform ... but this goes through a worse evil even within steemit and is the "bad distribution of wealth" ...we are copying the real world distribution where many have little and few have much... if this does not change everything will continue badly and will make people leave steemit for not seeing him future ...

wow thank you for the reply! so all my guesses are wrong.

tbh i've tried many bots. i've also made a simple one for myself to save time. does that mean i'm now barred for life in participating in GPT?

'bad actors' sound a little vague. and if steemit inc starts defining them i'm concerned you're moving towards a centralized system.

i love steemit because it allows all kinds of bots (for now?). some are simply more dumb and abusive. but a lot of them are fighting each other which i don't think ever happened in any other platform (at least not in a meaningful depth and scale like this). like buildawhale vs transparencybot.

so i feel like 'wisdom of the crowd' is already doing its job. just not at the speed/scale/scope you'd probably envisioned. but once you start favoring one behavior over the other i fear you are killing something that just started taking life of its own.

i have more questions and wanted to ask you some of them during gopax meetup that i really wanted to hear from you. didn't get the chance..
but thanks again for clearing one up. i truly appreciate the work you're doing.

When people realize that bidbots are profitable, but only for the powerful ones that have them, people will stop using them and maybe it will really start to be easier to grow in steemit...the only thing the bidbots achieve is to increase the bad distribution of steemit's wealth...we complain about these evils in the world but we accept them in steemit...

i don't think calling something evil and simply dismissing it would benefit anybody either.
bidbots is just one form of it. freedom on the blockchain means there'll always be abusers. but an opposing force as well. wisdom of the crowd should take care of it. if not, it's what we deserve.

i'm concerned about a whitelist run by steemic inc. once you start nurturing something can you really call it a quality post? a platform where anybody can create SMTs and competing is one thing. steemit inc writing down what they define as a 'quality post' is a different matter.

i can only guess the details so i might be completely off. but all i'm saying is you can't define it, let alone have someone create a whitelist for it. for the sake of argument bidbots themselves are original work by programmers. (pls don't get me wrong i'm not supporting bot activity) point being, you can't have 'wisdom of the crowd' when you have the #1 whale overshadowing it.

it's not the wisdom of the crowd ... it's the poverty of the crowd and wanting to get out of a post of 0.10 and that's why they use that rubbish ... I would forbid them on my part and those who have millions to make their business become in delegating sp instead of selling your vote ... so there will be better distribution of wealth and profits that really bring quality and projects

GPT is a completely hypothetical, second token suggested to show one possibility — regardless of GPT, there will be many tokens overlaying each other, and bots of various kinds will still be freely used in the many corners of Steem

@ned thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

i just don't think anybody's gonna overlay you because you're the biggest whale (at least nobody from within the community). but i also have to assume SMTs is gonna allow outside forces to come in and completely change the landscape? possibly someone who's even bigger than you or steemit inc?

i'm wondering if you're talking with the big names and whether they're planning to take part in SMTs or not. facebook is starting their own blockchains division. dan larimer (with all the attention he's getting lately) says he's gonna build a more decentralized social platform on top of eos. sooner or later steemit is gonna have to fight them. but if some of the biggest communities start embracing SMTs, it's a gigantic headstart.

i love steemit because before steemit i considered social media to be a waste of time. i also love the idea of a tokenized world. so i'm rooting for you. and i hope you win.

You are aware that there is no competition since the market is so small? If Facebook comes out with a similar service it will boost Steem Token 100x in value.

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Death to the bid bots (and any variations thereof,) Ned. It's either them or us.

"'bad actors' sound a little vague. and if steemit inc starts defining them i'm concerned you're moving towards a centralized system."

That was my initial knee jerk too. (Still suffering from the pain...)

"so i feel like 'wisdom of the crowd' is already doing its job."

Very true, and it's a wisdom of a crowd that understand networks and computers, attempting to let minnows boost their rewards.

"but once you start favoring one behavior over the other i fear you are killing something that just started taking life of its own."

I agree, and it sounds like @ned is not attempting to kill this, but balance it, which is interesting that they could co-exist actually.

Looks like JerryB is happy, so that's a sign...

thanks. i agree with most of what you're saying. except 'balance'.
ned's diagram shows steemit inc running a verification system and behavioral guidelines. it's more like censorship and control.

i'm afraid he's gonna kill it. kill 'wisdom of the crowd' that he's been promoting. kill decentralization and eventually steemit itself. if this roles out and GPT becomes the dominant force, you can be pretty sure it's gameover (unless steemit becomes an entire ecosystem where anybody can create SMTs, but who's gonna want to create one when they know all the front&top pages is controlled by steemit inc?).

i might be wrong because people actually enjoy regulations, censorship, and centralization. so i dunno. but i have money invested in sp. i hope i'm wrong and steem price goes 1000x.

" it's more like censorship and control.

i'm afraid he's gonna kill it. kill 'wisdom of the crowd' that he's been promoting. kill decentralization and eventually steemit itself. "

YOU are seeing much that occurs to me as well. It's not that difficult to take what exists and copy it, move it to another blockchain.

A blockchain with better distribution.
With companies offering millions to motivate developers to create new social media platforms.
With real Decentralization.
Without 51% control by 1 entity.

The motivations to do so are HUGE.
The outcome most likely will look very different from the stiffled and raped rewards pool we see today.
I DO BELIEVE once @ned is actually faced with some "Stiff Competition" (pardon the pun) he will rise to the occasion however ;-)

Where is this "Expected Behavior Writ?" Can we get a link?

Thanks @ned for all the progress you are making for SMTs and to benefit the quality of the trending page with all this new well thought algorithm.

By the way, I was wondering if you got the chance to check my comment regarding #promo-steem and the @steem-ambassador guild about a week ago in your GoPax post.

Looking forward to your feedback when you get the chance.

Regards, @gold84

@ned I'm really looking forward seeing this in action, I had the feeling we needed something less capital and more human in order to recognize the non investor user base voices.

This sounds like a great way of doing it.

Whether it gets market value or not, I'm sure that a trending driven by it would be a nice incentive for recognition of the really good authors we have around.

I am glad to see someone with an actual saying and power to drive change showing understanding that each type of user has a different problem set and need to address them all in to solutions that are in the best interest of the platform.

I have like this classification of user types:

  • The minnow blogger telling us about his kids

  • The blogger that has the potential to become an influencer

  • The guys trying to do curation with small investment / coalitions of small stakes

  • The small investor exploring the possibilities of the platform

  • The persons or groups working in to creating and developing solutions and new models / opportunities for the platform

  • The investors believing in the platform

  • The investors looking to maximize ROI

Each has a mindset, different needs and a different approach, but i would say them all are required for the growth and escalability we need the STEEM blockchain to achieve, and their role is important in the ecosystem.

I do agree STEEM needs to serve all these interested parties.

"The minnow blogger telling us about his kids
The blogger that has the potential to become an influencer"

Currently the platform serves mostly this type of persons (wisdom of THIS crowd), attracted to an alternative to some other social media platform. A centralized platform alternative.. ?

They love their iphones and have no idea how they work inside, don't know how to set the video cam on their phone to HD either.

Seems to me the UI has to rule the day... to really have a "GPT" work correctly, because nobody will understand what's under the hood, and they really don't want to..
(Jeez the term GPT in itself makes me cringe, ouch...)

Most people today still ask me "what's an SMT?"..

I was thinking about the same thing.

Here is a thought I just had. (Late night ramblings of a madman.. hehe)

Assuming we have the GPT token. Accounts Based, Wisdom of the Crowd Awesomeness.

Now lets imagine if Steemit implemented a third SMT. Let's call it "PROMO".

If Steemit were to recreate the UI to to accommodate both GPT (Accounts-Based) and PROMO (Stake-Based)

We could then sort most of the posts by the GPT token based on total votes allocated to that piece of

In addition Steemit could reserve the top three to five positions under a specific TAG/Community to be sorted based solely on the Stake-Based "PROMO" SMT. (Similar to how Google has the recommended/top search results.)

Here is the cool part. The PROMO SMT's reward pool will be primarily distributed through GPT tokens that are locked up in "GPT Power". The "GPT Power" would have zero effect on the GPT reward pool, but it could be used to distribute the "PROMO" token through the "Influence Sharing " feature that is proposed in the SMT Whitepaper.( Page 57). In this scenario lets say that 75% of the PROMO token reward pool is distributed exclusively through locked up "GPT Power" and the other 25% though "PROMO Power". That would allow both tokens to have a value to advertisers, power users, and investors. I would have to assume that buyers would prefer to use the GPT token to access the PROMO reward pool and advertise/boost thier visibility on the platform.

Value Flows

  1. GPT token is distributed through Accounts Based, Wisdom of the Crowd.
  2. GPT holders can then Sale or Power up the GPT SMT and begin to promote their posts in various TAGs/Communities using the PROMO(Stake-Based) SMT sorting/advertising system.
  3. GPT token holder also has the option to lease (delegate) "GPT Power" to Advertisers/Power Users. (This now allows the GPT token to be an income producing asset.)
  4. GPT now has some value, utility, and yield. Investors/Speculators begin to accumulate or trade both GPT and PROMO tokens

I hope this makes some kind of sense. Sorry for the bad formatting or spelling. I just wanted to push this out before I hit the sack.

WOW! That's a great idea to be passed off midnight ramblings Lolx.
The promo stuff though may hamper the original intentions of this platform.
The idea is to use the wisdom of the crowd to decide what makes a post awesome.
Once people can speculate on it and start buying it or promoting their posts with it, then the original intention will be broken.

Yes. it's a little rough and not ideal, but I would like to see the SMTs have some utility and value. I want to see more than Censorship Resistant karma points.

Wow I wonder if adding all of these tokens will be additive or destructive towards the value of Steem. How do we know the GPT won't be abused like Steem is currently in some ways? That's interesting that SMTs won't be released until Q2 or Q3 of this year! Thanks for the info.

Steem is different and it needs to stay that way. GPT changes everything. Quality will lead every other thing.

Looking great!! Thanks for sharing the info with us @nairadaddy, and smart concept @ned.

Now everybody will suddenly want to become a 'good person' :-))

Lolx. Good person is a good thing I guess.

i want to know how identities will be verified, because this could easily be used as an attack vector by the gov against people who would much rather stay anon...

Lolx @Anarchyhasnogods,
Nice name btw~!~
I don't think he's talking about that sort of identification. Its more of machine-learning and A.I determining the class a particular account belongs to based on previous activities.
There are algorithms that are known to be 99% correct in differentiating bots, spams and humans.

using AI might not end well for voting trails.

and thanks, my name comes from the common socialist chant "no gods, no masters"

Very interesting, can’t wait to see how it rolls out

Great thanks for sharing.

You got any links for this?

Keep us updated

Urrm. I will find links as soon as they drop officially. Its an inside thing for the meantime...

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